How Not To Wear White Jeans

1 Aug

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If you’re thinking about investing in a pair of white jeans keep in mind that white should not be worn skin tight – they should just skim the hips and thighs (as above) - not strangle.  Despite your size.

There is a white jean for everyone and every body shape it really is a matter of trying lots of different styles (and there are many) to get the pair that works best for you.

Apart from the size and shape, pay lots of attention to the fabric. Too sheer will not be flattering on anyone. 

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And then once you’ve found a pair you love, you need to think about what you wear underneath.   Whatever style of underwear you wear it must be nude. (ie. not white…& not too tight)

I came across these while I was doing some research the other day and thought they looked good. (and a pretty good price)   Hands up who didn’t know “slim” boyfriend styles existed?

If you missed it you can read my recent post, “How to wear white jeans in winter” here 

Have you found a great pair of white jeans you could recommend?

As mentioned in my previous post I’m selling some of my (never worn) shoes. You can see what I’m currently selling here.  (I’ll be adding a couple more soon)

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For Sale

29 Jul

064 1024x746 For Sale

Comfortable shoes are really important to me.  Sure, I have my only for going out and mostly sitting in shoes, but my day to day shoes need to be just right given I am on my feet a lot.

Because I find it quite difficult to find shoes that fit me well (I’m an odd size) occasionally I buy shoes online from overseas (Italy in particular) where I seem to have more luck.  (And quite frankly, I really like the quality and options)

But like all online shopping it’s trial and error and shoes will arrive from time to time, that don’t fit quite right. 

If the return postage is minimal, I’ll send them back, but if the postage is hefty (sometimes up to AU$60) I might sell them or pass them on where I can. (Unfortunately nobody in my family has the same shoe size as me so I can’t pass them on to them)

I’ve bought a few pairs over the past 6 months, haven’t got around to passing on and the pile of boxes in my bedroom is getting higher. I thought this time, before I tried to sell them, I’d see if any of you were interested in them.

These are the first pair.. (pictured above) 

  • From (& made) in Italy
  • Black
  • Size 38
  • Leather upper, inner and sole
  • They’re slip-on with an adjustable strap around the ankle
  • Brand – Emma Lou
  • Heel height is approximately 3.32 inches
  • Orig. price was AU$265
  • My price (which includes postage) is $135

If you’re interested in them (or have any questions) email me through my contact page here.

I’ll post them anywhere in Australia but unfortunately not overseas.  I won’t be able to accept returns.

I’ll leave them on my Facebook page (where you can see more photos) for 3 days. If they don’t sell in that time I’ll take them off and put them on eBay or similar. If they do sell I’ll mark them as SOLD.  (So you will need to check my Facebook page to see if they are still available) Payment can be made either through bank deposit or PayPal.

I think I’ve remembered everything but if I haven’t I’ll let you know when you email me.

*Over the next few days I’ll be posting more shoes I am selling on my Facebook page here

**For those who don’t have Facebook I’ll also post them on Instagram here 

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Outfit Planning

23 Jul

0061 768x1024 Outfit Planning

Getting bored with your clothes and/or your look can happen when you wear the same thing, the same way, every time.

Play around with your clothes and put different outfits together. Try combinations you may not have tried before. Then, like me, take a picture so you can refer to it later, when you need some inspiration for what to wear.

Whenever I start to feel ho-hum about my clothes, I pull something out of the wardrobe that I haven’t worn for a while (the six year old striped blazer in this case) and come up with 3 – 5 new ways to wear it.

By doing this I also recognise gaps in my wardrobe.  For example, when I was putting this outfit together I wanted a v-neck white t-shirt but realised I had thrown my old one out and hadn’t replaced it.  So a v-neck white tee was added to my shopping list.

Give it go…

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Have You Had A Fashion Light Bulb Moment?

16 Jul

lightbulb moment zeofonzo 725549 50106945 210x300 Have You Had A Fashion Light Bulb Moment?

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In order for you to dress and shop without frustration and so that you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes, you need to have a very clear idea what your style is. Keep asking yourself every time you put something on, how you feel. (It’s not just about how you look. You might put something on that a friend or shop assistant says looks great, but unless you feel it, it’s not going to make you confident, self assured….great)

I was thrilled to get this email from a lovely girl I recently worked with. It’s always very rewarding when I know that someone has got it (and also received some nice compliments).

“Hi Meaghan

I just wanted you to know that I had a fashion light bulb moment when we went out (shopping) and I’m so please with my purchases. I even took all the tags off the items I bought. Amazing.

I went out to the work function in the outfit we bought at Country Road and felt fabulous. I went around to my daughters before I left, to get her opinion and her husband was just staring at me. He said he didn’t think he had seen me in a skirt and why on earth not. At the function the girls commented positively on my outfit. In a way it didn’t matter what they thought because I was dressing in a manner that was MY style and I felt really comfortable. And it wasn’t hard. Thank you so much. As I said before I feel like I can breath and a weight has been lifted off me.

In the short time I have spent with you you have made a difference in my life and I am truly grateful.



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