That’s Not You!

28 Jun

Picasso Weeping Woman

image via here


A couple of days ago I was in a store trying something on, when I heard someone say from outside my change-room,

“That’s not you!”

The comment, not directed at me, came from one of two women who were also trying things on in the common area.

The puzzled response was, “Oh, you don’t think so?”

I was intrigued.  I was wondering what one of the women had on, that made the other say that she didn’t think it was her.

When I left my cubicle I discovered the piece in question was a camel colored trench coat. I thought it looked quite nice.

The thing is, how can someone tell you – what’s you.  Only you know that.  Even if these women had been friends for 40 years or they were mother and daughter, nobody can tell you what you like.

In the same way that nobody can tell you whether you like mushrooms, floral perfumes or the sound of Justin Beibers music, nobody can tell you what your style is.  Only you know that.

..and if you don’t then you should spend some time figuring it out, otherwise you, like this lady in the change-room, will rely on others to tell you what to wear.

(Which can then result in filling your wardrobe in someone else’s style)

In the case of these two women, a better thing to say, would have been – “How do you feel?  “Is that your style?” And let the friend work out for herself whether the piece felt right and worked for her or not.

*Certainly there’s nothing wrong with asking a friend or someone working in a store what they think of how it looks on you, BUT you have to be careful when you request that advice.  Remember they’re looking through their eyes, with their own style, not with your style in mind.

For example: Imagine for a moment two people looking at Picasso’s Weeping Woman (above).  One might think it’s incredible and the other might think it’s hideous.  Both are right!

It’s quite possible in the case of these two women, that the friend giving advice didn’t like the piece or how it looked on her friend.  But just because that’s how she sees it, doesn’t mean she’s right.

It’s all about perception.

This is why shopping with friends, family members, etc, can be fun….but sometimes tricky.

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I Did Something To Refresh My Look And It Cost Me Nothing

27 Jun

Tiffany bracelet

I did something last week to update my look and it cost me nothing.

I took my Tiffany bracelets into their Collins Street (Melbourne) store and they cleaned and polished them.

Not only was it free but they sent me an SMS to let me know they were ready to be collected within 24 hours.

I hadn’t worn either bracelet for a couple of years because they’d tarnished so much  that they were almost black.  (It turns out I hadn’t been storing them properly)  Now they’re like new.

If you wear the same jewellery everyday and you haven’t cleaned it in a while, chances are it’s lost some of their sparkle.  Consider taking it to a jeweller you trust and having it professionally cleaned.  It’ll feel like you have something new and it’ll instantly refresh and update your look.

You can read more about taking care of your jewellery here.

I’m not sure if all Tiffany stores are offering the free clean and polish service or if it’s just the Collins St store. Perhaps if you’re planning on taking advantage of the offer, call ahead to make sure they’re doing it.

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That Dress Lisa Wilkinson Wore

23 Jun

Lisa Wilkinson ASOS Dress

If you’re a regular viewer of the Today Show you might have noticed Lisa Wilkinson occasionally wearing these gorgeous fitted, patterned dresses.  (The photo above is what she wore this morning)

If I didn’t know better I could easily be fooled into thinking they were by a fancy designer and expensive.

But they’re not.

The dresses are all from ASOS and they generally retail for about $100 (or under if they’re on sale).

The reason they look so good on Lisa (apart from the lovely person inside the dress of course) is that they fit and flatter her figure so well.

Lisa Wilkinson ASOS Dress

Lisa Wilkinson ASOS Floral Dress

all images of Lisa via here


It’s called the “Wiggle Dress” and it also comes in a petite, curve and tall version.  (Perhaps also maternity?)

Here’s a few of their current styles.

ASOS Wiggle Dress

ASOS Wiggle Dress

ASOS Wiggle Dress

ASOS Wiggle Dress

*There’s a good chance that these dresses need to be adjusted to fit Lisa so beautifully.  One of the best things you can do for your style is learn how and what can be done to alter your clothes so that they fit you like a glove.  The next step is to find a good tailor you can trust with your clothes.  (You might recall I wrote about what Jennifer Aniston has done to her t-shirts to make sure they fit her well?)

And finally when it comes to a wiggle dress of any kind, you will always need to pay lots of attention to the what you wear under it.

You can find all the ASOS Wiggle dresses here

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Don’t Buy It Before You Do This

21 Jun


Before you head to the counter to pay for that special something you’ve found in the sales, give it a really thorough once over to make sure there are no faults.

Chances are that piece has been on the shop floor (or in a back storeroom) for several months and tried on hundreds of times.

Look carefully for missing buttons, loose threads, snags, fallen hems, pulls, broken zips, perspiration stains and torn seams.

You don’t want to get all the way home to make a nasty discovery…..and then, even more annoying, realise the item isn’t refundable. 

Shop carefully!

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