Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Don’t Miss It!)

27 Jan

033 1024x609 Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Dont Miss It!)

When I woke up to drizzle on Australia Day I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to head to The Gallery to see the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition.  I’d been wanting to see it since it opened months ago, and I was desperate to get there before it finishes in a couple of weeks.  It’s not every day one gets up close and personal with a couture gown.

For those not familiar with Jean Paul Gaultier, very briefly, he is a French Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter (Ready to wear) fashion designer.  Remember those cone shaped bra costumes Madonna wore in the 90’s?  He was responsible for those.  (If you click on his name above you can read more about him)

I knew Gaultier’s clothes were unconventional, flamboyant and glamourous but I underestimated just how ravishing they really are.

The fabrics and beading were so exquisite it took all my strength to resist reaching out to touch each garment. I think the signs telling me not to, made me want to feel them even more.  Several times I put my glasses on to inspect the pieces as closely as I could (without touching) to see if I could see any signs of *stitching.  In most cases, I could not. The detail and craftsmanship is extraordinary.  Unbelievably Haute Couture is constructed by hand from start to finish.

If you love fashion, sewing, costume design, beading, textiles, art, design or for that matter any form of beauty, make an effort to see this exhibition before it finishes.  

(My photos are dreadful but the best I can offer unfortunately until I get around to updating my very old phone. You’ll get the idea though.)

004 768x1024 Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Dont Miss It!)

018 768x1024 Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Dont Miss It!)

025 768x1024 Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Dont Miss It!)

027 768x1024 Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Dont Miss It!)

009 768x1024 Jean Paul Gaultier in Melbourne (Dont Miss It!)

On a side note:  One of things that make the exhibition so impressive and quirky is that the mannequins wearing the clothes appear lifelike.  They talk, smile and wink.  When the Jean Paul Gaultier mannequin speaks it’s just like he’s in the room addressing the crowd.   You can see a little video of the mannequin’s on my Instagram here

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier – From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk is on at the National Gallery of Victoria and runs until Sunday 8 February. Details here

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Is Your Wardrobe Mostly Made Up of Icing And Fluff?

21 Jan

how to overhaul your closet1 Is Your Wardrobe Mostly Made Up of Icing And Fluff?

image via here


“70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluff — that’s colour, pattern, shine, accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way round, then can’t figure out why they can’t get dressed” — Michael Kors.

If your wardrobe is made up of 70% fluff and 30% meat & potatoes, (rather than the other way around)  it could be why you often feel as though you have nothing to wear.

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On Sale….Trenery

15 Jan

40362 203925 1079072 On Sale....Trenery$34.94 Buy here

We might be at the tail end of the sales period in Australia but there are certainly some good *bargains to be found.

One such place that have some great pieces still on sale, is Trenery.

For those not familiar with Trenery,  it’s Country Road’s sibling aimed at – though definitely not limited to – the 40+ market.  Sizes range from 4 – 18.

These are a few things that I’ve seen on my clients and/or things I plan on trying on when I’m in the stores tomorrow.

40452 204125 1081511 On Sale....Trenery

$34.98 Buy here


Inspired by Viviana Volpicella I’d wear these pants with an oversized white shirt (tucking in of course) and then layer with fabulous accessories - like so.  The blue shoes above would work beautifully.

40465 204218 1082211 On Sale....Trenery

$34.98 Buy here


You know me..I love my stripes.  This dress would be ideal if I were travelling.  I’d wear it shopping or sightseeing with a pair of white sneakers and a trilby.  If it got cool I’d add a light parka.

40471 204099 1082581 On Sale....Trenery$74.50 Buy here


Many wardrobes I see inside often have coats and cardies, but are lacking in casual jackets.  I like this one because it’s an alternative to a denim jacket.  Wear it open if your body shape doesn’t suit styles with high necks. I can picture this with white jeans (or the pants above) and a brightly colored scarf.

40418 204060 108249 On Sale....Trenery

$39.98 Buy here


As soon as I saw these online, I imagined myself wearing them with a red and white long sleeve t-shirt, red lipstick, my French market basket and tan sandals.  (As you might have gathered when I’m thinking about buying something new, I visualise how many ways I can wear the piece using what’s already in my wardrobe)  I’d play around with different belts too.  Belts tied right on the tummy don’t always work but just keep in mind, they can often be replaced with something that sits a little flatter.

38593 195759 102952 On Sale....Trenery

$39.94 Buy here

These would pretty much work with everything above. Just add painted red toes.

39317 199171 105167 On Sale....Trenery

$39.98 Buy here


If you’ve been considering trying boyfriend jeans but think they are all big and baggy and ripped – these prove that idea wrong.  And if you’re stuck in a jeans rut (ie wearing the same style all the time), give these a try. You’ve got nothing to lose.   *Keep in mind that the whiskers across the thighs won’t flatter all shapes.

38509 194907 102692 On Sale....Trenery

$89.50 Buy here


Really love this!  As with the one above, it’s another casual jacket ideal for this time of year.  (Particularly if you live in Melbourne where despite it being summer we still have cool days and nights.)  I’d throw it over my shoulders, or belt it tightly and play around with pushing up the sleeves and swapping belts.    Check out my Trench coat inspiration page here.

39283 199331 105171 On Sale....Trenery

$49.98 Buy here


One of my style goals for this year is to experiment with different shapes and styles.  You know that old saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes”  I know my personal style very well, but I need to keep pushing and challenging myself so that I don’t get stuck, bored and/or outdated.  I’m going to give these a go if I can find them in a store.  I’d wear them with my light grey sweater and a pair of burgundy pumps or a white shirt and a pair of shoes like these.  (These are on my shopping wishlist)


38578 195716 102933 On Sale....Trenery

$14.96 Buy here

I like the idea of this belt and those blue shoes above in the same outfit.

39313 199170 105114 On Sale....Trenery

$39.98 Buy here


This is one of those pieces that needs to be tried on for you to appreciate how flattering the style is.  (Of course, like everything, this won’t work for everyone)  A dress like this will always look best with great underwear.  Wear casually with a pair of flat sandals or with a pair of sexy heels and that trench (above) thrown over your shoulders.

36807 194845 102503 On Sale....Trenery

$49.98 Buy here


If you’re thinking this year you’d like to dress in a more sophisticated way, a silk blouse or shirt is a good addition to your wardrobe.  I’d wear this with a pair of jeans with the sleeves rolled up, (I’d probably be inclined to go for the black myself),  or tucked into a pencil skirt or maybe those grey pants above.

If you’d like to see what else I find online or in the stores you can follow my Facebook page here &/or Instagram here

* Remember a bargain is only a bargain if you wear it.  If it hangs unworn in your wardrobe, it’s a waste of money.

**This is not a sponsored post

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Let It Go

5 Jan

021 1024x822 Let It Go

I did my own wardrobe overhaul a week or so ago.

I always do one around this time of year when the sales are on, so I’m focused on what to shop for, and also because I’m in that new year/new beginning/fresh start/get-my-act-together,  mind set.

I made a list of what I need/want for summer and farewelled a few things that needed to go.

There were pieces that I’m not in love with any more, pieces that no longer fit me well and pieces that were looking tired and just needed to go.  Sadly this fuchsia shirt was one of them.

I’m not sure if I found letting go of the shirt difficult because it’s one of the last things I have left from my corporate, suit wearing days or if it was just because it was an old favourite, but I did try to convince myself to let it stay.  I considered ways I could wear it to disguise the worn out bits or whether I might be able to have it mended, but in the end it joined the other discarded pieces in the bag to go.  In reality it hadn’t been worn for years, so it really won’t be missed.

022 1024x692 Let It Go

The faded collar

Letting go of some of your clothes can be difficult.  For whatever reason, we’re attached to them.  Often the things we do need to let go of, are our favourites because they make us feel good and we wear them often.

But..we do need to let them go.  When things look faded, pilled, stained, stretched or worn, even if they cost us a lot of money or have sentimental value, if we want to look stylish and well dressed, they have to go.  (Or be archived)

024 1024x824 Let It Go

The worn out cuffs

If you find it difficult to go through your wardrobe and decide what to keep and what to say good bye to, remember I can help.   And as you can see above, I too find at times things are hard to part with so I will not make you get rid of anything unless you’re ready to. I will simply give you my thoughts and advice (in a gentle, supportive and encouraging way)  and then leave the decision, as to whether something stays or goes, up to you.

You can find the details of my Wardrobe Overhaul here

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