A Personal Styling Experience Gift

19 Jul

A Personal Styling Experience Gift

Jill’s husband gave her me (figuratively speaking) for her birthday..

“The best birthday gift ever – the full ‘Style, Wardrobe & Shopping & Pull It All Together Experience’ with Meaghan.

Having given up the corporate world after 40 years I was struggling with what to wear in my new life.  But then I got this gift and had the pleasure of Meaghan’s knowledge and help to get it sorted out.

The Style and Wardrobe session with Meaghan was enlightening.   Taking the time to talk over what fashion style resonated with me made the wardrobe review very easy.  The wardrobe looked a lot lighter after the session – 68 items of clothing, 7 pairs of shoes and 2 bags less (and about 12 more items on the chopping block).  It felt good to have ‘permission’ to throw out some long held clothes.  Also the wardrobe cleanout was easy as it was very clear what was flattering or not.

It was amazing how just wearing the clothes differently also made a difference.  I caught up with a friend that afternoon, dressed using some of the tips from Meaghan, (tucking in tshirt, showing off belt/waist) and my friend commented on how good I looked – and like I had lost weight.  Wow – what a difference a few small things make.

The Shopping session: for the first time in a very long time I was excited to go shopping.  Meaghan helped me fill the gaps in my wardrobe, which were mainly items to help pull existing pieces in my wardrobe together.  She showed me dress styles that would suit and how to wear them – and I can’t wait to buy my first dress once spring/summer arrives.   One of my purchases was a skirt – and my husband absolutely loves it.  It is a long time since he has seen me in one and I think it will be a regular addition to my wardrobe going forward.

Since then I have a list in my phone of any items I need to top up my wardrobe and I don’t deviate.  It helps to have a purpose when shopping. I also feel more confident in returning items if I take something home and it doesn’t work with everything else.

I am yet to take up the final part of the service “Pull It all Together” but I am sure it will be just as good an experience.

Meaghan makes you feel comfortable throughout all her interactions with you.  She guides you in your decisions but does not press if you are unsure.  She is like your best fashion friend.”

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A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes

17 Jul

A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes


Leonie and I worked together about 3 years ago. We did a Wardrobe Overhaul and an everyday winter shop.

She emailed me last week and said she felt herself falling back into some of her old ways – wearing the same thing over and over, day after day, and wasting money buying things (in the sales) that she had no idea what to do with.  (And as result didn’t wear!)

She was getting bored with her clothes..and worse..herself.

I suggested I come over and we play around with her clothes and see if we could come up with some new outfits – then take some pics so she could have some go to outfits – which should eliminate daily what to wear stress. It could be that some pieces in her wardrobe are getting tired and need refreshing, and/or it could be that she just needs to feel excited about her clothes and getting dressed again.

To (hopefully) inspire her and show her what possibilities could be hiding within her wardrobe I wore a new (never worn) outfit today – using all old pieces.

I’ve had the jeans, the belt and the shoes for about 3 years, the blouse is about 8 years old and I bought the trench in 2006.  The bag – a statement that adds freshness to the old clothes, I bought about 18 months ago. The only new thing I’m wearing is a Uniqlo Heattech camisole under my blouse for warmth.

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Are You Wearing The Right Bra?

16 Jul

image via here

I wanted to show you these photos as an example of making sure when you buy a dress (or anything for that matter) that you always consider what underwear you’ll be able to wear under it.

In this case Meghan has worn a strapless bra – because of the boat neck.

(To be honest,  I think the visibility of the bra also has something to do with the fit of the dress. You can see it’s pulling under her arms and across her chest)

Recently I was shopping with a client in Camilla and Marc (an Australian designer) and some beautiful silk slip dresses in gorgeous colors caught my eye.  All I could think when I was looking at them, was what on earth would you wear under them.

*FYI – years ago I wore a similar style as a bridesmaid and I took it to a dressmaker and had her sew in a bra so that it became part of the dress.  By doing this, there were no signs of visible underwear under the dress at all. 

This is an example of a beautiful girl, in a beautiful (very expensive dress) – but the underwear is not working so it’s impacting the overall look. (Of course, it’s quite possible that the photos are making it look a lot worse than it really is.)

*Make sure that if you buy something lovely to wear that you go that extra step and invest in great underwear to wear under it.

image via here


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Nothing To Wear?

12 Jul


Someone I worked with recently had 23 long sleeve tees in their cupboard – but not a single pair of (decent) pants.

She had two pairs of jeans and a pair of (unflattering) three quarter length cargoes she didn’t like, but wore because she didn’t have anything else.

She felt like she had lots of clothes – but nothing to wear.

Another girl I worked with had a wardrobe full of dresses but when I asked her to show me which shoes she wore with them, she said she didn’t really have any.

She kept collecting the dresses, because she “didn’t like herself in pants” – yet every time she put the dresses on, they didn’t feel right – because the shoes she had to wear with them were dated and daggy.

She felt like she had lots of clothes – but nothing to wear.

One lady had an amazing beaded jacket she bought in a vintage sale (“it was only $50”) but had never worn it because it went with nothing in her wardrobe.

And then another had several pairs of amazing killer heels, (rarely if ever worn because her lifestyle involved going to parks, cafes and kids birthday parties) a couple of pairs of worn to death trainers and not one pair of comfy, modern stylish flats.

Both felt like they had lots of clothes – but nothing to wear.

See a pattern?  There’s big gaps in these wardrobes. That’s why these women feel like they don’t have anything to wear – despite having a lot of clothes.

They keep buying the same thing over and over and then wondering why they can’t put an outfit together.

They’re buying random things, in the hope that it will give them something to wear – but it doesn’t because they don’t have the pieces (often basics) to wear with it.

They haven’t identified what the gaps are in their wardrobe.

They’re buying things that don’t tie in with other things in their wardrobe.

They’re not building on what they already own.

What’s missing from your wardrobe?  Is it a bra or a slip you need to wear under a certain dress; is it a bag you need to complete a particular outfit or is it a great coat you’ve been meaning to buy for five years?

If you keep buying random, spur of the moment purchases, without thinking about what they go with, or whether you really need another one the same as several others in your wardrobe …..you’ll continue to feel like you have nothing to wear.

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