Undies – Are You Neglecting Yours?

14 Aug

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Are you paying attention to your back view?  Are you taking the time to make sure you’re wearing appropriate undies?

I see a lot of people in the street wearing great outfits, with very bad VPL’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many women who do not check their rear view when they get dressed.  Your underwear should not cut into your flesh and create dints they should sit flat against your skin and disappear under your clothes.

I think often too, people are buying clothes without considering what underwear they’ll be able to wear underneath. There’s no point in buying a hot slinky figure hugging frock, if you’re not going to be able to find a suitable pair of undies that will make the dress look smooth against your body.

The same thing happens with jeans and pants.  If your knickers are too tight they can create an indent in your hip or thigh.  It’s important you take the time to spin around in the mirror and check what the view is like from the side and back, as well as the front,  before you leave the house.

Here are some underwear tips to consider

  • If you can’t find a pair of underpants that flatter a particular item of clothing, you might be best to completely ditch them
  • Next time you’re in the underwear section, ask the ladies working there to recommend their favourite undies for smoothing lumps and bumps under clothes
  • If you have a bit of a tummy you’re conscious of, investigate tummy flattening undies. (Try wearing undies that go over the tummy rather than sit below it)
  • Think about whether you might be buying your undies too small. Just because you generally wear size 10 clothes doesn’t mean your undies will be the same.  Perhaps a size 12 would be more flattering (I tend to go up a size if I’m wearing tight fitting pants so that I don’t have a noticable dint on my hip)
  • If you always wear boy leg style undies, change it up a bit and try wearing a high cut style.  Maybe they’re a better option for your shape
  • Don’t underestimate the benefits of suck-it-all-in shapewear
  • If you do have a dress you need to find undies to wear underneath – take the dress into the store with you and ask for guidance from the staff

Don’t ruin an otherwise great outfit by wearing unsuitable undies

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The School Run

9 Aug

Recently I worked with someone who contacted me because she had just moved to Melbourne from rural Queensland and felt as though she needed some help putting together some casual outfits – particularly a few things she could wear to pick up her daughter from school. Her wardrobe largely consisted of shorts, t-shirts and thongs, given the climate and the relaxed style of her previous home town, but she didn’t think her old wardrobe of clothes would cut it now she’d relocated to Melbourne.

It was important to her that her daughter wasn’t embarrassed by how her mum dressed when she waited for her at the school gate and she also wanted to make some new friends with the mums and she knew for her to do so she needed to feel confident and good about herself.

When she emailed me the first sentence she wrote was,

“I hope you can help me.  I need a revamp”

She went on to say she “desperately needed new clothes” because the climate was so different in Melbourne to where she’d come from and that she had attempted to shop for new things, but really had no idea where to start. She’d been living on a farm and was completely out of touch with what was “fashionable”.   She wanted some help putting together what she called, “Melbourne outfits”.

After going through her wardrobe together, we agreed what she needed initially (it was spring when we met) for this area of her life was ….. at least one great pair of jeans (preferably two for variety), one or two pairs of comfy, casual (alternative to jeans) pants, some fresh flattering t-shirts, knits, perhaps a casual dress and/or a skirt, a couple of pairs of comfy yet stylish flats, a casual jacket and some clever accessories to decorate her basics.

I don’t collect a child from school so I don’t see how people dress, but I have been told (in different neighbourhoods) it can feel competitive and intimidating. According to this article in the New York Times mums in New York are feeling the pressure to dress up for school drop-off. Some are dressing up for the school run and then going home and changing into their tracky’s, before changing back into their designer outfits for the pick-up.  And in this article in the UK Daily Mail the writer suggests that for the first day back at school, “around one in six will sport a new hairdo, a similar number have bought a new outfit while others will be showing off a bronzed look”.    

Goodness……I’m sure things are not quite as extreme here as they are in the swanky neighbourhoods of New York and London….are they!!?

It’s so important to remind ourselves that we are good enough, just as we are.  We don’t need to look or be like anyone else.  We are all different, unique and individual.  If you feel great in what you’re wearing and confident knowing that the style and image you’re portraying is you, then that’s all that matters.  Be kind and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

*It turned out, like many things, the unknown and the picture my client had created in her head was a lot different to the reality

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How To Find The Perfect Pair of Jeans

8 Aug

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Whether you’re petite, curvy, lean or over sixty five, there’s an ideal pair of jeans for you.

Great jeans will make you feel stylish and confident. They will fit in all the right places and be comfortable.  They’re one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe.  You’ll be able to wear them to work on casual Friday with a blazer and boots, on the weekend with a t-shirt and casual sneakers and to a party with heels and a blouse.

However, finding a pair of jeans that are flattering and stylish can be frustrating and overwhelming; after all there are literally hundreds of different brands, styles, washes and fits to navigate your way through.

Because there are so many options available, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say they returned home from a jeans shopping expedition exhausted and dissatisfied or even worse – with a pair of “they’ll just have to do”  jeans.

It needn’t be that way.  If you understand what you’re looking for, coming home empty handed or with an unflattering style, shouldn’t happen.  Sure, shopping for a new pair of jeans may mean having to try on lots of pairs til you find the ones that are “just right”, but if you have a clear idea in your head as to what it is you’re looking for, it’ll make the jeans buying process so much easier.  Here’s a few things to consider next time you decide you need to update your denim.

  • Unless you’re shopping with the view to sample lots of different styles, have a clear picture in your head of what you’re looking for.  (e.g. mid-rise dark denim straight with some stretch)
  • If you don’t have a clear picture of what you’re looking for, be open minded to trying on different styles.
  • Always try the jeans with shoes.  If you think you’ll wear them with a heel, try them with a heel.  If you think you’ll wear them with a boot, try them with a boot.  (You don’t want to get them home to discover the boots you have, don’t work with the jeans you’ve bought)
  • Know your body shape and understand the best denim styles that suit your particular shape – the best rise (crotch to waist), the best color and the best leg width.
  • Try a pair of jeans that theoretically shouldn’t work for your body shape.  What’s the worse thing that could happen? They just might work, and they might look great.
  • Think of buying jeans as you would buying pants/trousers/a skirt.  To find the perfect fit for you, you may need to have them altered.
  • In the change room, once you have the jeans on, bend over, sit down, do some squats and lift your knees up (like you’re marching)  to see how much they stretch and move with your body and to ensure they fit properly.
  • Take more than one size into the change room. Just because the pair you have at home are a size 12, doesn’t mean you will be that size in all jeans.  Try on a size smaller and a size larger than you normally would.
  • Unless they are boyfriend or girlfriend style, jeans shouldn’t sag around your bottom; pull across the tops of your legs or bag at the front of your thighs. They should fit firmly at the waist and not dig into your stomach or hips.
  • Take notice of the size of the back pockets and where they sit on your butt.  Are they doing what you want them to do?  (ie giving your bottom a nice shape)

Here’s me wearing a current favourite pair of jeans.  They’re from Gap and they cost me about $42.

If you’re having trouble finding a great pair of jeans consider shopping with me. (Perhaps book in with a girlfriend and share the cost)  Don’t just settle for “these’ll have to do” jeans.  There’s no way you’ll feel great when you’re wearing them.

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Are Your Clothes Doing What You Want Them To?

7 Aug

Are Your Clothes Doing What You Want Them To?

Be careful when you’re wearing something to try and disguise/minimise/play down an area, that you’re not in fact accentuating/making larger/playing it up.  (Or alternatively, in the process you’re also hiding one of your best features)

These tops are a good example…

If dressing in a conventionally flattering way is important to you but you’re unsure whether the pieces you’re wearing are doing that, consider booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul. It’s designed to clean out and analyse the wardrobe but also to educate you on the most flattering proportions, styles and fit for you.

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