Introducing A New Styling Session – Shopping For Jeans

21 Feb

Whether you’re petite, curvy, lean, 30 or over seventy, there’s an ideal pair of jeans for you.

Great jeans will make you feel stylish and confident. They will fit in all the right places and feel comfortable.  They’re one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe.  You’ll be able to wear them to work on casual Friday with a blazer and boots, on the weekend with a t-shirt and casual sneakers and to a party with heels and a blouse.

However, finding a pair of jeans that are flattering and stylish can be frustrating and overwhelming; after all there are literally hundreds of different brands, styles, washes and fits to navigate your way through.

Because there are so many options available, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say they returned home from a jeans shopping expedition exhausted and dissatisfied or even worse – with a pair of “they’ll just have to do”  jeans.

Do you need new jeans but have no idea where to start?  Then my new styling session is for you.

The idea is that we only shop for a new pair of jeans (or two) for you. Perhaps your current ones need updating or you feel that you’d like to sample some different styles to what you’re already wearing – maybe something new and fresh for autumn. (Sick of your skinnies?)

The session is for one hour – maybe in your lunch break or after work.

*If, by chance, we are able to find the perfect pair of jeans in 10 minutes, you can use the extra time leftover to shop for something else.  We’ll play it by ear.  (Obviously though, I will not be researching anything else for you, so it will be off the cuff)

Just to get you thinking, these are a few things some of my clients have not known about jeans, til I taught them.

  • The placement and shape of the back pockets to give you the best butt shape
  • What to avoid to not make the butt, hips and thighs look bigger than they are.
  • What rise to look for (ie Length from crotch to waist band.) Low rise, mid rise, high rise, etc.
  • What the most flattering style is for your body shape
  • How to prevent buying jeans that stretch out and become baggy every time you wear them
  • Whether whiskers work for your shape (ie Pre-fabricated creases that create a broken-in and worn look in the denim at the crotch/upper thigh level.)
  • What length you should wear them
  • The shape of the back yoke. (Which will have an effect on how flattering they are on your butt)
  • How they should fit at the knee.
  • Where to shop

*Of course I’ll also answer any questions you might have about taking care of your jeans, altering them, and one of the most common questions I get, what shoes to wear with them.  (How to wear ankle boots with them is a query I get regularly.

An added bonus is that at a few of my favourite stores for shopping for jeans, including Levis, Country Road, Trenery and Saba, I receive up to a 35% discount.  (Which applies to not only jeans)

The price of a one hour jeans shop is currently $120 for one hour/$180 for 1.5 hours.

*You can do a jeans shopping session with a friend or two, and share the cost, however, an hour might be a bit tight.  I’d advise an hour and a half or two.  (We can chat about it!)

The difference a flattering pair of jeans can make


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Are You Dressing Too Old?

20 Feb

image via here


There are many reasons why some of us dress older than we need to. It may be the company we keep is older than we are; we might think the number on our drivers license dictates how we should look; we may recall that this was how our mother dressed when she was this age or we just don’t feel youthful and attractive any more.

I know when we get to a mature age it can be tricky because we can worry about dressing too young. (I’ve just turned fifty, so I’m constantly asking myself whether I think something is too young or too old for me to wear.) But I think what often happens, in trying to make sure we don’t dress too young is, we dress too old.

Fortunately there are simple changes you can make to your wardrobe that will immediately make you look and feel younger, up to date and attractive.

..and let’s face it, every woman, despite their age, size, lifestyle, shape or budget deserves to feel good about themselves.

You can see in these before an after photos what a difference clothes can make.

In this photo the clothes are ill-fitting, shapeless, unflattering, outdated and drab.

fashion makeover

image via here

In the photo below, the same woman is wearing clothes that, without being too tight or uncomfortable,  highlight the figure, fit quite well, show a little bit of skin and are more modern.

She looks younger.  (And slimmer)

style makeover

image via here


Do you feel trapped in the fashion past and stuck in a world of beige, plain, sensible, too big, drab, unflattering, clothes?

Consider the following when assessing whether your wardrobe is too old and whether you need a fashion makeover

  • There is not one fitted, figure enhancing item in your wardrobe
  • You haven’t updated your reading or sunglasses in fifteen years
  • You wear your hair the same way you did in primary school
  • You either don’t own a pair of jeans or the ones you do have are acid washed and the waist is almost up to your armpits
  • The only handbag you use is the one your Nana gave you for your 21st
  • Your last bra fitting was also your first
  • 99% of what you have in your wardrobe is functional and comfortable, rather than stylish and flattering
  • The only pair of heels in your cupboard are the ones packed away in a box with your wedding dress
  • You still have and from time to time wear, outdated outfits you wore to work in the eighties
  • The majority of your wardrobe is two sizes too big or too small

Are you dressing too old?

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How To Freshen Up Your Look Without Spending A Lot Of Money

13 Feb

When you decide you want to update your style and your wardrobe, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy lots of new clothes. Not everyone is in the position to do that.

It might mean reinventing some of the pieces you already have or being creative and coming up with new outfits, that feel fresh and different.

Last week I worked with a lady (reviewing her wardrobe) who had a beautiful dress in a fabric and color she adored, but the shape of it was no longer working for her. Rather than getting rid of it I suggested she have it made into a skirt. She loved the idea. I do it myself with my clothes, when I get bored with something. I might change a sleeve, adjust a length, dye it or in the case of this blazer….swap over the buttons.

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Before And After

12 Feb

This pea coat was about to be thrown out.

While I love it, in fact it’s one of my favourite pieces – I knew I couldn’t wear it like this (below) anymore.  I had to do something to save it or it needed to be ditched. 

Firstly, I tried using this little comb (testing it on a small area), but it didn’t work.  It was pulling and tearing at the fabric – it was too rough for it.

So when I saw someone mention this little de-pilling device on Instagram, I thought I’d give it a go …and it worked a treat!

It now looks as good as new.

You can watch how I did it here

How you take care of your clothes is very important – both for ensuring they wear well and last as long as they should, but also so that you look well put together.  You’ll never look stylish if you leave the house with frayed, scuffed, faded, stained, pilled, creased…or like you slept in the dogs basket, with fluff or hair, all of your clothes.  Go the extra step and take great care of the pieces you invest in.

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