Inside Emporium Melbourne

16 Apr

0311 768x1024 Inside Emporium Melbourne

Following on from my previous post, I had a quick dash around Emporium Melbourne today.

Before I left for work the radio station I was listening to was reporting huge queues waiting to get in, so I suspected I wouldn’t bother with it today but when I finished shopping with my client at Melbourne Central, I just wandered over the Lonsdale St. bridge and straight in.

As you can see by the photos it was relatively and surprisingly quiet.  It’s a very big space though (once in I couldn’t work out how to get out) so it would take a lot of people to make it look crowded.

There were a lot more shops open today than I had anticipated..but still many yet to open.

Once completed, I think it’s going to be great.

I had a wander around Uniqlo.  A couple of things that immediately caught my eye were some silk shirts in various colors (approx. $80) and patterns, some fur lined parkas ($150 ish) and the array of different colored feather filled puffers ($99).   *I’m looking for a warm jacket to wear to the football so this is why the jackets jumped out at me.

On my way to the station I went past H & M thinking I might drop in there if there were no queues…but there were still long queues.

034 768x1024 Inside Emporium Melbourne

018 1024x768 Inside Emporium Melbourne

021 1024x768 Inside Emporium Melbourne

024 1024x755 Inside Emporium Melbourne

037 1024x712 Inside Emporium Melbourne

036 738x1024 Inside Emporium Melbourne

038 1024x700 Inside Emporium Melbourne

039 1024x667 Inside Emporium Melbourne

Apologies for the dodgy photography.  I really must get a new/updated phone.

Find details for Emporium Melbourne here

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Emporium Melbourne

14 Apr

0061 758x1024 Emporium Melbourne

This is the Lt.Bourke Street entrance to Emporium.  (ie. the back of Myer)  The newest shopping complex about to open in Melbourne.

There was lots of activity – builders madly adding finishing touches, delivery vans arriving and people taking stock inside – when I walked past today.

You couldn’t see inside.  As you can see from the photos, windows were covered up. But from what I could see, I thought it looked pretty fancy.

If the Melbourne CBD wasn’t already a great place to shop, it certainly will be now.

As a Personal Stylist who takes people shopping …it’s very exciting.  (As my client said today, it’s like a Personal Shopper’s Disneyland)

004 1024x729 Emporium Melbourne

007 1024x757 Emporium Melbourne

009 1024x780 Emporium Melbourne

012 1024x734 Emporium Melbourne

The doors will open this Wednesday.

Read more about Emporium Melbourne, including what stores we can expect to find, here

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Weekend Outfit Inspiration

13 Apr

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 image via here


When the weekend rolls around you can dress comfortably while still looking stylish.

Feeling relaxed and casual doesn’t have to mean wearing trackies or daggy anything.   It’s all about finding the right look and feel for you.

As mentioned previously, a jacket always pulls an outfit together.

If you feel that you’d like a little more fun and/or color, swap the casual blazer for a bomber.

108807 mint a Weekend Outfit InspirationThis one is on sale from here

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What I Love About Melbourne..

13 Apr

10155972 763452393674698 3384228497186284420 n What I Love About Melbourne..

It was such a glorious day on Saturday I decided instead of racing home after my last shopping client, that I would go for a wander and have a bite to eat.

I called by the new H & M store to check the queues…and yep, they were still there so I gave that a miss.

10255020 763452500341354 3734517582169098222 n What I Love About Melbourne..

I’m not sure what was going on inside the Myer windows, but it looked interesting.

After a stroll through the arcades I headed down to a favourite laneway, past a vintage store I always drop by when I’m in the area – Shag.  They have the most fabulous costume jewellery.  I’ve got my eye on that rhinestone rooster brooch. (to the left)

1798670 763454293674508 3686273367134150292 n What I Love About Melbourne..

Next up was a stop for lunch at a great little French creperie – Aix Cafe Creperie Salon.   The food is fantastic (I had a chilli con carne crepe)  and they always play my kind of music.  Yesterday I relaxed and sipped on my latte to Edith Piaf.

1509941 763454813674456 1042023134820659869 n What I Love About Melbourne..

10252048 763454850341119 2542032988634530185 n What I Love About Melbourne..

10007456 763454223674515 6600860169562819072 n What I Love About Melbourne..

10013589 763454123674525 4104918037827637402 n What I Love About Melbourne..

On my way to the station I was entertained by this gentleman who was having a grand old time doing some dramatic/interpretive dancing.

1724326 763455977007673 6624964400382706654 n What I Love About Melbourne..

Then I headed off to the station, via Degraves Street…and home. 

10247279 763456290340975 4747727259904746778 n What I Love About Melbourne..

What some of you might not know is that there are boutiques underneath Flinders St Station.

1545721 763456413674296 1509487072246475087 n What I Love About Melbourne..

10152029 763456527007618 8178413499462164404 n What I Love About Melbourne..

10153829 763456573674280 8490193065474813337 n What I Love About Melbourne..

Melbourne is all about amazing places to eat (and of course shop), laneways and hidden secrets.  If you visit, make sure you don’t miss them.

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pixel What I Love About Melbourne..