The Shag

28 Feb

The Shag (haircut) is making a comeback!

It’s an updated version of what we (some of us) saw on Carly Simon back in the 80’s.

I like it.

What do you think?

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What I’m Planning To Add To My Wardrobe For Autumn

20 Feb

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When I changed careers several years ago, my clothes needed to change too.

I was working at an Investment Bank so most of my wardrobe was made up of suits, crisp shirts, heels and blazers, but when I started being a Personal Stylist, my needs were different. My style was still classic, but it needed to transition from corporate classic into a more casual, fashionable classic.

Before I went out and bought new clothes I made the conscious decision to simplify my wardrobe, and how I dressed, and also decided that I would build a wardrobe around a color palette, which was black, white, grey and navy.

Having these colors as my primary base means that everything works together and therefore dressing is easy.

Over time, for variety,  I would add bits and pieces in other colors  – red, orange, cobalt blue, fuchsia – that would complement the neutral basics.   (You can see some examples of my colored pieces here, here and here.)

I’m now ready to introduce a new neutral.  One that I know will work well with all my other neutrals and a lot of my colored pieces.

Last year my color was red (If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I added a red jacket, a red silk blouse, red espadrilles and red sneakers) This year my new color is khaki (or thereabouts)

These are some photos I’ve saved on Pinterest for inspiration…

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What are the primary basic colors you’ve built your wardrobe around?  (For you it could be beige, charcoal, cream, white, etc) If you haven’t (and your wardrobe is only made up of lots of colors and patterns) it could be one of the reasons you find putting outfits together difficult and you feel like you have nothing to wear.

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You can keep an eye on my Instagram here, to see how I go with one of my autumn style goals

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Do Your Classics Need An Update…..Or A Revamp?

7 Feb

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Not everyone will have classic pieces in their wardrobe – and that’s ok.   Not all of us like to dress classically.  Think of Lee Lin Chin.   Having an artsy, avant-garde style, she’d probably feel bored and uncomfortable in a classic white shirt.

But for those of you who do have classic style, (ie traditional, tailored, clean, simple)  with a wardrobe of pieces to complement it, the thing to keep in mind is that while classic clothes are often described as being timeless – realistically they are not.

Classic clothes date like everything else.

Here’s your homework…

Pull out all of your classic pieces and throw them on the bed.   They might be…

Classic blue jeans

Classic white shirt

Classic navy blazer

Classic black pants

Classic grey pencil skirt

Classic beige trench coat

Classic blue sweater

Classic tailored dress

Classic black pump

Now, one by one, try them on and assess whether they are still current.

Give away’s will be, the size and width of the shoulder, where they sit on your torso (ie low or high waisted), the size of the collar and/or lapel, the width of the sleeve, where the pants finish on your leg, the width of the leg, the shape of the skirt, the length of the armhole and the shape of the toe of your shoe.

*If you have a suit you bought in 1992 from Armani or Anthea Crawford, despite it being beautiful fabric and quite possibly still in impeccable condition,  it’s more than likely dated.  Before you decide to toss it consider whether it can be reinvented by a tailor.  Don’t however, keep hanging on to it, wearing it, just because it cost you a lot of money 20 years ago.  Revamp or let it go!

While you certainly don’t have to wear clothes that are trendy, you do not want to wear clothes that are outdated.  Tired and outdated is aging.  Modern and current is youthful.

If you’re unsure and having difficulty determining what has and hasn’t dated in your wardrobe, considering booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul and I will help you.

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Do Your Clothes Represent Who You Are?

18 Jan

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Do your clothes represent who you are?  Are they where you are now in 2017 or are they where you were five, ten, fifteen years ago?  Were they ever you? Or are they someone else’s style?

Think about it…..

Are they outdated?

Are they tired and worn out?

Are they too bright and colorful?

Are they too conservative?

Are they too old?  Or too young?

Are they too business like?  Or too casual?

Are they too pretty?  Or too boyish?


I arrived at a clients home recently and as soon as she opened the door to greet me I could tell she had a warm and friendly, gentle, inviting, laid back nature.  She had a beautiful big smile, amazing (signature) hair, great skin and a curvaceous figure.  She looked much younger in real life compared to how she looked in the photos that she’d sent me.  The combination of lovely personality and lovely features, meant she was a very attractive woman.

However her clothes were letting down.  Who she was and the clothes she wore, didn’t match.

In the photos, and I soon discovered in her wardrobe too, she mostly wore black – but not in a good way. Black can be very chic, flattering and interesting or it can be faded, tired and boring. Hers was the latter.

She was creative, she was energetic, she was bubbly, she was sexy, she intelligent, entertaining and interesting….her clothes were drab.

Some were too tight (she wore a lot of exercise gear for comfort) and some were shapeless. (Covering up the bits she didn’t like but along the way some of her best features also)  Her lovely figure, that she didn’t really acknowledge she had, was often hidden in ill-fitting garments.   …and because many of the pieces she had in her wardrobe were decades old, they were now outdated – which in turn was aging her.

So here’s your exercise.  Make a list of all the things you are.  I’ll get you started….

I am relaxed

I am fun

I am intelligent

I am a traditionalist

I am the life of the party

I am artistic

I am confident

I am shy

I am ambitious

I am sophisticated

I am subtly sexy

I am youthful

I am conservative

Once you’ve done that, open your wardrobe, look inside and ask yourself, do these pieces express who I am….or do they tell a different story?

*It might even be an interesting exercise to ask a friend or loved one what they think your clothes say about you.

If you don’t find it easy letting go of pieces from your wardrobe (and perhaps this is one of the reasons your clothes don’t represent who you are) keep in mind I am here to help. Enquire or book in for a Wardrobe Overhaul here

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