The Secret To Jennifer Aniston’s Style

1 Sep

jennifer aniston tee shirt1 The Secret To Jennifer Anistons Style

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When I work with someone new I always ask them if there is anyone’s style they admire. (This just gives me a bit of an idea as to what they like, in the same way I might ask you to tell me what music you listen to or how your home is decorated)

Often if someone is quite classic, non fussy, simple and casual with their style they might mention Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer’s look often involves a t-shirt or singlet with a pair of jeans, sometimes a blazer and a pair of wedges. It looks very easy to achieve – and it can be – but there’s several reasons why Jennifer or any other celebrities with great style look good in their clothes. It’s because..

  1. More than likely they’re wearing clothes of good quality.
  2. Everything they wear looks fresh and new. They wouldn’t wear anything that was pilled, stained, stretched, scuffed or faded.
  3. They wear clothes that are flattering for their body shape.
  4. They wear clothes that fit them perfectly.

This was highlighted recently when Jennifer Aniston was asked about her style, in particular her love of T-shirts and jeans.

“This is my secret:  The trick to T-shirts is I that I usually tailor them. Which is silly, but it works.”  

“Or you just have to find the perfect one”, she told the site. 

Jennifer Aniston even stuck her Stuart Weitzman crochet wedges The Secret To Jennifer Anistons Style

So while Jennifer’s look may appear effortless, it isn’t exactly.  It’s well thought out.  She doesn’t just wear any old t-shirt, she wears one that is just right.

Having our t-shirts tailored is unrealistic for most of us, but striving to find a great one, is not.

As with all the pieces you wear, it’s the little(ish) things like ensuring you’re wearing the most flattering sleeve, the most flattering neckline, the most flattering length, the most flattering size and the most flattering fabric, that make the big difference to how stylish your overall look is – if that matters to you.

Have you found a t-shirt you love?  If so are you happy to share with us what it is?

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Mom Jeans

29 Aug

6b19a60648e565fb9e5b419b2c66e49f Mom Jeans

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Just when you finally got your head around and embraced the skinny and boyfriend, there’s a new jean in town.

Mom jeans. 

3b023c46c49f0c6c97efa5f5968a8fef Mom Jeans

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Yep, they’re very similar to those old high waisted 501′s we (at least Diana and I) were wearing in the early 90′s. In fact I’ve read where people are trawling op shops and vintage stores looking for these old Levi’s to wear in a new 2014 way.   (Hands up who still has a pair in their wardrobes from the 90′s)

high mom jeans 2885723a Mom Jeans

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The “mom jean” is worn high on the waist (where the boyfriend jean is worn low on the hips these are worn above the belly button), generally of a faded denim and are relaxed through the leg.

6ea4385fad3eb511746279850f8951b3 Mom Jeans

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Given my love of denim I’ll certainly give them a try, but I’ll be very particular about what style I look for.  I’ll be searching for something that is snug across the hips and thighs, narrow through the legs, cropped and with back pockets that are just the right size and in the right position for my backside.

f1dd3f7df4c247a49045e753cb5e7f56 Mom Jeans

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*TIP  – If you decide to give them a try it’s very important that you pay lots of attention to the back view. Because they are high waisted they can make your butt look very flat, long and wide.

What do you think of the ‘mom jeans” trend?  Would you give them a try? Yay or nay?

You can find a pair here

Why I Love A Blazer

26 Aug

img1 v2 m56577569832742765 Why I Love A Blazer

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If you’ve only ever worn a blazer as part of a suit for work or part of a uniform for school, it might take you a bit to get your head around wearing it in a different way.

Those of you who know me (& my classic style) or follow me on Instagram will know a blazer (or at least a jacket of some description) is a big part of my everyday wardrobe.  In fact, in the cooler months, it’s practically my uniform.

I’ll wear a blazer with a pair of slim pants and a ballet flat or loafer, I’ll wear a blazer with my jeans and a heel and I’ll wear a blazer, just like the picture above, with a pair of sneakers.

Even if I’m wearing something very casual, putting on a blazer will instantly make me feel more dressed up and polished and if needed for work, more professional.

If you saw my last post, you’ll know I like to challenge myself and put together new and different outfits, using my old clothes.

A few days ago I was going to a clients home to help her pack for an upcoming overseas holiday and this (below) is what I wore.

Although I’ve had all the pieces in my wardrobe for some time, I had never worn them together in this way before.

I started off with just a pair of jeans and a simple black t-shirt, then decided how I’d decorate my clothes.

I added a black tuxedo blazer (the same one I wore with a skirt to a wedding recently), a belt and a heel with a pattern. I also wore a small black leather cross body bag and had on a few pieces of very classic, simple jewellery.

009 768x1024 Why I Love A Blazer

Wearing - Zara jeans, Saba blazer, Gap t-shirt, Country Road shoes and belt


If you read this and think you’d like to give the blazer look a try, here are some tips for making sure you find one that fits you beautifully.  (Any old blazer will not achieve the desired effect)

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How Many Outfits Are There In Your Wardrobe That You’re Yet To Discover?

19 Aug

me blog How Many Outfits Are There In Your Wardrobe That Youre Yet To Discover?

I quickly took this picture before I raced out the door to a lunch/meeting today, so I could show you what I wore and hopefully give you some ideas.

The thing is I’ve had all these pieces in my wardrobe for some time (the blue suede pumps I’ve had for about 7 years) but I have never worn them together in this way. Both the shirt and the sweater I generally wear on their own with a pair of jeans. I’ve never layered them together like this. The chinos I often wear with my sneakers or ankle boots. The heels I used to wear with suits when I worked at the bank.  And the belt I often wear around my waist over blazers. (It’s adjustable so can be worn both on the hips or waist)

It can be so easy to just keep wearing the same thing, the same way every time. This is often what happens when we get bored with our clothes….and sometimes ourselves.  (ie. Stuck in a style rut)  It’s at this time, when we should play around with our clothes and try to come up with new outfits.

Remember this is my style and you certainly do not need to have the same style as me, but hopefully this inspires you a little bit to see if you can come up with new ways to wear your old clothes.

*Wearing:  Gap chinos, knit and shirt, David Lawrence belt and Robert Robert shoes

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pixel How Many Outfits Are There In Your Wardrobe That Youre Yet To Discover?