8 Feb

Update your style

Redefining your style often will help to keep your wardrobe up with you.

I think about mine at least once a year – usually at the start – before I have a cull, and more importantly, buy anything new. Some years, not much changes at all – I’m happy with where my style is at. Other years, I know something’s shifted (career, lifestyle, me?) and I want to try new things.

I’ve always loved 70s style and felt inspired by it, but recently I’ve felt more and more drawn to it. Much of the images I’ve saved for ideas for my style are from the seventies. So I’ve decided to embrace and explore that a bit more. Just a bit…not like I’m going to a fancy dress party as Cher.

Your personal style should evolve as you do. The worst thing you can do is wear clothes that don’t express who you are.

For example, you’re fun and playful and love color but mostly wear black and white.

What I’m wearing here (above) are a couple of new pieces I bought to scratch my 70’s itch.

These pics below are a few images I’ve saved on Pinterest over the years for inspiration.

Personal Shopping Melbourne
Personal Shopping Melbourne
Personal Shopping Melbourne

Want some help defining/redefining your personal style? Click the link here for details of my styling services.

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Try Ons

16 Jan

Try Ons

Often, if I don’t need to race off after I finish shopping with a client, I’ll spend time in the shops looking at and trying on stock.

I like to see how pieces fit, feel what the material’s like – (i.e., Does it easily crease? Is it scratchy?) – and get an idea of who it might and probably won’t work for.

Sometimes I’ll send a photo like this, to a client if I see something I think they’ll love. In the case of this one, I was taking a photo for my Fab Finds subscribers. This jacket was $399, it’s now $87.

If you’re interested, you can join my Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things subscription here.

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How To Wear A Shirt As A Jacket

2 Jan

A Shirt as a Jacket

Something to try…

Rather than a jacket or cardie, if you need something for warmth in summer, (& it works for your style) you could wear a shirt – open. Try it…

With a silk(y) cami, skirt, or dress.

With a ribbed tank.

With a singlet or t-shirt dress that has at least some amount of shape &/or some skin showing at the neck.

With a linen cami, pants, or dress. (Perhaps with some skin showing at the neck of the cami & dress.)

Basically, try it with some skin &/ or shape underneath, and with some different textured fabrics.

You can see here, even though the tee has a high neck it’s quite fitted against the oversized shirt. She’s rolled up the sleeves to show some skin.

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Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things

21 Dec

Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things

Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things is the member’s subscription group where I …

  • Share what my clients have bought.
    • Tell you why we liked the piece.
    • Explain what to look at if you try it on.
    • Give you ideas and examples for how you could wear it.
    • Give you the chance to ask me questions about it. 
  • Show you my current favourites (e.g., favourite jeans, t-shirts, white shirt, belts, etc.)
  • Tell you about anything that might have caught my eye while I’ve been researching online or in-store.   
  • Let you know when any of my favourites go on sale.
  • Share with you what I’m buying or eyeing.
  • Scan the sales, and tell you what my picks are. (What I think are worth checking out)
  • Give you style and wardrobe tips and advice.

For example, I bought this (above) beautiful (French brand) leather jacket for AU$140, while it was still available online in France for AU$680.

And I recently bought these jeans for $40, knowing they were in the Levi’s store for $160.

Both were shared on Fab Finds.

(Both were bought in Melbourne, but occasionally I’ll share something from an international online site such as Net-a-Porter.

Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things was born from clients telling me that they like to look good, love clothes, and (some) even like shopping, but rarely have the time to do it. Or, they find when they do, that it’s overwhelming and often unsuccessful.

So my idea was that I would show them different things I’d see in my travels, and then they could just click and buy if they liked it and wanted to try it.

It would help those who just want to know what to buy to keep their wardrobe updated, it would inspire those who get stuck wearing the same thing over and over, and maybe it would bring some joy to those who get as much of a thrill as I do when they find something “fabulous” they love.

Here’s an example of something I might post.

Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things
Fabulous Finds & Favourite Things

The Fab Finds & Fav Things subscription is ideal for anyone who…

  • Wants to look and feel good, but doesn’t have the time to physically go shopping.
  • Would like to stay up to date with what’s in fashion
  • Likes the occasional bargain. (Who doesn’t!) 
  • Might not be able to afford to work one-on-one with me, but would still love to learn about style, fashion, and shopping, and have the chance to ask me questions.
  • Doesn’t want to make any more costly fashion mistakes
  • Would just like to be shown what to buy.

*While the subscription is certainly about shopping, it is also designed to help you build a great wardrobe of versatile pieces, and not just waste your money on stuff. My intention is to encourage you to make conscious purchases.  

The current subscription cost is…

$99 for 6 months
$169 for 12 months

If you’d like to buy a subscription, have any questions, or would like some further details about it, you can email me at

My lovely client Cindy recently mentioned Fab Finds in her Google review…

“Meaghan’s biggest gift is that she is just gifted in having a great eye for styling, and having the great balance of being able to tell you when something doesn’t suit, but balancing that with what DOES suit you.

I think that having an ongoing relationship with a stylist such as Meaghan saves so much time and energy. And really money as well, because it prevents me from continuing to buy things that don’t suit me…but more than that, there is the mental energy of trying to figure out what is right. As well, I find Meaghan a great sounding board for things that I THINK that I should declutter – once she agrees, into the donation bag it goes!

As well, from her ‘Fab Finds and Fav Things’ Instagram Page I get great tips on things like where to buy a classic belt…. If you are wondering if Meaghan’s services are for you…then they probably are!!! Highly recommended.”

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