You Don’t Have To Be Trendy To Be Current And Fashionable

27 Nov

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You don’t need to buy into trends.

Generally if I buy anything that’s “on trend” it’s not something I’ll spend a lot of money on. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a pair of patterned pants I bought recently for $69 at Zara. When I shop and spend a bit of money, it’s on things I want to still have and wear in my wardrobe in 5, 8, 10 years.

While you don’t need to follow trends what I encourage you to do, if you want to keep your look current, is be aware of changes in proportions. Are pants still wide in the leg or are they getting skinnier? Are waist bands sitting low or high on the waist? Are sleeves narrow or wide?

Having said that, I know it’s not all that easy and can be confusing and frustrating. You might have a pair of wide leg pants you used to wear to work 8 years ago and you’ve noticed that wide leg pants are in the stores again. Does this mean that your wide legs pants are fashionable again? More often than not, no! Wide leg pants might be current again, but they may be skinnier or wider through the thigh or higher in the waist. Things will come around again, but shapes change.

How do you stay up to date with what styles and proportions are current?

Flares Are Back!

25 Nov

f7c6f151912648ec938c5011c65c749e Flares Are Back!


Yes that’s right, flares are back!

I know some people will suggest that they never were out of style, but these ones are skinnier and higher in the waist than we’ve seen for a while. (ie super leg lengthening)

I’m very tempted by this pair.  (Anything that promises to lengthen my legs is good in my books!)  I can see them working very well with my silk shirts, leather jackets, blazers, chunky sandals and wedge espadrilles. They’d fit in well with my wardrobe and I can easily come up with at least ways to wear them.

What do you think will you be giving the flare a go this time around? Yay or nay?

For those interested, the ones pictured are for sale here

Jeans And A Tee

20 Nov

laurenhutton1 Jeans And A Tee

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Even the most simple combination of  jeans and t-shirt can become a chic outfit by adding a beautiful bag, a great shoe,an interesting belt or a piece of statement jewellery.

The key is to make sure that tee and those jeans fit and flatter.

Make your essential wardrobe basics look interesting – by not forgetting the decoration.

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Gwyneth Paltrow R13 Skinny Jeans Blue 1 e1347159491557 Jeans And A Tee

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Here’s your challenge…put your favourite t-shirt and jeans on and then, by playing around with your accessories  (shoes/bags/belts/scarves, etc) and based on your own particular style, come up with at least 3 new outfits.


18 Nov

download 2 Mascara   I’m having a rest from my favourite mascara and trying something new. 

While I love the consistency of the one I normally use, I’m finding I’m struggling for accuracy a little bit with the big brush, as my eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be. (Anyone else finding this a problem?) I can understand now why my Nan often had a wonky eyebrow. I’m using and really liking Max Factor Masterpiece Transform (Black). The criteria for me is…I like a wet mascara (one that doesn’t get too dry too quick, make it hard to layer and end up clumpy) and one that gives me lots of volume. This ticks both boxes. Til the end of today (Wed 19 November) Priceline has 40% off all cosmetics which means it is on sale for $14.37. For those interested, this is my favourite.

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