How Being Fifty Once Looked And How It Can Look Today

15 Jul

In the photos above Queen Elizabeth has just turned 50.  This is how 50 looked in 1976.   I still remember when my Nan was 50, she looked like this too.

My age and aging have been on my mind quite a bit this week.  It was prompted initially by a blog post I read by Garance Dore, titled, “How Old Are You?” , asking women how they felt about being asked their age  and whether they were happy to reveal the answer.

I’m relatively ok with divulging my age.  I’m proud of the wisdom and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and I like having been here and seen and done what I have in my 43 years.  Having said that, I do find it easier to write it than say it.  The words don’t easily roll off my lips. I’m not really sure why but it can be a little uncomfortable – depending on who’s asking and for what reason.

Coincidentally, after contemplating the aging topic during the week, I had dinner with a friend who seems to have stopped aging. She is the same age as the Queen is in the above photo.  It’s beyond belief that this is the case.  My friend looks decades younger than Elizabeth does here.  She’s in her fifties, but looks younger than she did when she was forty.  This morning, while applying my second layer of concealer, I thought to myself, How does she do it?   How does she improve with age?   Could we all get better with age?  Could I look younger and more stylish and alluring in my fifties than I do in my forties?  Or is it just genetics and good luck?   After some thought I think the reason my friend looks so good today, in her fifties, is because:

  • She eats good, healthy home cooked food..with lots of olive oil (The Mediterannean diet)
  • She doesn’t smoke
  • She’s always beautifully groomed – nails, hair and brows
  • She knows what works for her shape and wears clothes that flatter and accentuate her figure perfectly
  • She understands her personal style
  • She has a modern hair style
  • She keeps fit
  • She wears heels
  • She looks after her skin
  • She’s passionate, energetic, driven, compassionate, kind and caring

I think it’s all of the above and more importantly it’s about her confidence, her maturity and her really knowing and understanding who she is and what works for her.  I also think it’s because she hasn’t just given up and conceded that she’s in her fifties so it’s ok to look frumpy now.  She’s embraced her maturity and she’s getting better with age.

Certainly when Elizabeth turned 50 there were not the same skin care products and procedures that there are available to women now.  No doubt that a lot of the women we admire today for looking youthful have more than likely undergone a lot of treatments.  But it’s more than just the lines on your face that ages you.  It’s a lot to do with how you see and think about yourself and of course how you dress.

 Julianne Moore at 50

I know some of you will look at this and think, that’s all well and good, but she’s probably had some cosmetic “work” and she has a lot of money to spend on making herself look good.  That’s fair enough.  But it’s not just about how taut your skin is or how expensive your dress is.  There are people who have had surgery or injectables and spend a lot of money on clothes who don’t look young or stylish.  It’s really about staying current and modern, dressing to enhance your shape,  embracing and showing off your best assets, being confident and elegant and most of all looking after yourself.

This is Spencer Tracy when he was 50 in 1950.

This is Gorgeous George Clooney at 50 in 2011

Lets face it all of us are going to age. It’s a fact, but it’s up to us as to how we decide to go about it.  We can give up.  Continue to wear frumpy, shapeless, dated fleecy tops and elastic waisted pants.  Not worry about taking good care of ourselves inside and out. Or we can strive to maintain our youth.  Exercise. Eat well.  Be well dressed and groomed.

How do you plan on aging? Well, I hope..

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