Fifty And Fabulous

18 Jul

You’ll recall last Friday I wrote about a lovely friend of mine who if I didn’t know better, had discovered the fountain of youth. In her fifties, like these women above (yes some of these women have had a considerable amount of help with their external beauty, but they are no less fabulous because of it. In fact, I would say, if they can afford it and it makes them feel good about themselves, then good for them. At the end of the day, it’s about taking care of yourself and feeling confident that is important), she exudes confidence, wisdom and beauty.

After reading my blog post and the comments that followed she was gracious enough to email me the following:

How funny – no – haven’t had any work done – apart from the odd facial, but I actually do feel much better about myself now than I ever did in my teens or twenties or even early thirties – back then I felt as though I was the one with the really pretty, bright, interesting friends and I was happy enough to be in the background.  I think I really started to enjoy my life and have more confidence in myself when I changed jobs 16 years ago and was in my late 30s.  I suddenly had some time to myself again, I had made a big change in my life after nearly 15 years with the one company, I was re-discovering old friends and was going out again and meeting new people.   It is amazing what a boost you get when people start to notice you, make you feel as though you have something to offer and this rubs off on your attitude and your look.  My new job also kept me stimulated.

I am very lucky that both parents look younger than they are and being petite runs in the family.   I must say I do spend more time reading about what moisturisers to use for more mature skins now and I do moisturise regularly, whereas I didn’t really worry about it in my 20s.   I don’t have a problem telling people my age, because I am more comfortable with who I am these days, I’m really not trying to impress anyone, and I think this is probably what comes across.  Although – I would try very hard for George Clooney!

There aren’t any particular products I swear by – (I never use soap as I find it too harsh now, so use a foaming cleanser)   but I do always use a serum – I started with one by Dr LeWinns, then tried Clarins and Lancome and tend to alternate between the two.  I also use an eye cream – again I alternate between Clarins and Lancome and then I moisturise.  I have tried a couple of other brands, but always seem to move back to these two – as they have quite a few products in their range.  I use the products for more mature skins.    I don’t tend to use toner – although I will every now and again.  Make up – I alternate between Bare Minerals and my splurge Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – love this – blends in beautifully and the colour they recommended for me just suits my skin perfectly.  One thing I can’t live without is my mascara.  Something I have just discovered is Model Co. heated eyelash curler.  I have tried the others in the past but just couldn’t get a curl in my eyelashes.  This one is great.

Have never had work done and you do get used to your look as you get older, but if I had a wish it would be to have a smaller nose, a less pointy chin, stop the skin dropping and have beautiful straight teeth.  Will just have to be content the way I am! 

Something I have started to eat more of in the last couple of years is smoked salmon and avocado – mainly because of cholesterol – trying to get some good fats into me, and this year I have started to bring in either a wholemeal muffin or wholegrain muffin and some berries (at the moment strawberries) to have at work in the morning – whether I go to the gym first or not – although I always start my day with an espresso at home first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately the rest of my day is not always quite so healthy.  Apart from that, being Italian, my diet is mainly Mediterranean.

I try and go to the gym two to three times a week – but must admit this year has been hit and miss with work commitments, and haven’t been on a proper program and just doing treadmill (walking) as my arm has been a bit sore (elbow injury)- but will have to get back into it.  Previously tried to do some light weights, a bit of cardio and some core exercises – didn’t overdo it – usually 30 to 40mins each time.

I also love Nivea as a body moisturiser, Pure Fiji and anything with Shea butter in it as I find it better for my skin – especially in winter.

My style – seems to be just corporate at the minute – pretty classic I would say.  I like things that are a little different, well cut and fit well – being small I can’t wear anything too intricate or too big and blousy.  Weekends – again like things to be minimal, and love to be casual with jeans, t-shirts or tops and jacket or longer cardi.  If going out – again – like something that fits well, classic but with an edge.  I am a sucker for something a little different – whether an unusual cut or a bright colour.  I used to shop at Pierucci for suits – but they are no longer in the city.  Don’t have a favourite any more – will shop anywhere from Cue to Myer to Ojay and Portmans – usually notice something in the window and will go in and try on and then look around at other things while there.Casual is where I need help, weekdays are fine – can always pop on a suit or something corporate – it is dressing down that I find hard.   

Thank you so much for sharing that with us A.  As I suspected, a large contributing factor as to why you look so good is that you have become so comfortable with who you are.  You exude confidence and it’s lovely and inspiring to see.

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