When In Doubt, Don’t

20 Jul

Today I got an email from a client asking for some advice.  

We’d recently worked together doing an overhaul of her wardrobe during which we put together a list of things she could add to fill the gaps and to complement the pieces that were remaining.

One of the things we put on the list was a shirt dress.  We both agreed a shirt dress would work both for her style and her shape and it would be ideal for work or for lunches with girlfriends.  In the chilly months she could wear it with tights and boots and then in summer she’d wear it with a pair of sandals.

So today the email I received said that she had tried one on but “wasn’t sure whether it was what she was after – whether it flattered her in the way she wanted it to.”  She also included a picture of her wearing the dress and asked – “What do you think?”

My advice to her was simple – If In Doubt, Don’t.  

I reminded her, that whether it was something she was trying on from her wardrobe or in a store she should always ask herself, Do I love it?   

When she said that she wasn’t sure about it I knew that it mustn’t have been right for her and she’d done the right thing by leaving it in the shop.  

The ultimate aim of creating a great stylish wardrobe is for it to be filled with things that you love.  By doing so every morning when you wake up and have to dress quickly for work or to take the kids to school,  whatever it is you pull out of the wardrobe, whether it’s a pair of sandals, a cardigan or a singlet, you know it flatters you and you feel great in it.  If you have things in your wardrobe that are, ok or do for now, it’s exactly how you’ll feel when you wear them – mediocre. 

The same thing applies when you see something online.  Just because it’s half price and it’s by a great designer, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you.  Again, ask yourself if you love it, or are you talking yourself into it because you want to buy something.

I told her to keep searching til she found a dress that made her feel great as soon as she tried it on.  She’ll know when she finds the one and be confident that she’s made the right choice.   There’ll be no doubt or questions.   

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