Just Take One Step To Begin….And Then Keep Moving

21 Jul

Janet is 46 and has been divorced for nearly three years.   She works in accounts at Bunnings. When she’s not working she’s being mum to her teenage daughter and son.  Running them around and watching them at sporting commitments, helping them with homework, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Eating healthy has not been a priority since her husband left.  Often now meals are whatever’s quickest so she can get her kids to basketball and soccer training or grabbing a drive-through burger from somewhere on the way home.  Exercising has gone by the wayside.  She’s often too exhausted to even think about it.  After initially losing a lot of weight when her husband first left, in the last three years, Janet has gone from a size 12 to a size 16.  A lot of her wardrobe is too small for her. What does fit is shapeless, unflattering and makes her feel frumpy. None of her clothes represent and highlight how kind, attractive, interesting, vivacious, fun, youthful, etc, she is.

Janet would love to start dating and meet someone but doesn’t feel good about herself and the way she looks at the moment.  She feels that she’s let herself go and has lost her confidence. Despite the fact that she doesn’t have a lot of money to buy new clothes, she wouldn’t know what to buy if she did go shopping. She finds the whole shopping experience painful – her body’s such an odd shape (Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that description), nothing ever looks good on her and often she ends up buying something  that never gets worn.  (Like she can afford to waste the money) The only chance she gets to see what people are wearing or what’s fashionable is seeing what the other mums wear to basketball or soccer training or what her daughter and her friends wear. And she’s 14.   She doesn’t really know whether any of her clothes are still current or dated. She wears a uniform to work.

Once a month she meets with her book group and from time to time they go to a local bar or hotel.  She often feels daggy and intimidated by some of the other women who always look nice and wishes she could put outfits together like they do.

She’s frustrated and wants to make some changes in her life but has no idea where to start.  She wants to feel good about herself again.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Can you relate to Janet’s story?

Well Janet is really a fictional character but her story is almost identical to many I hear.

Women I meet and talk to are often frustrated with how they look and the idea of making changes is daunting and overwhelming and they don’t really know where to start.

All you need to do is start.

Start small.

  • Open a Pinterest account and start pinning images that speak to you.
  • Start asking yourself what you like and what you don’t like – whether it’s a song on the radio, the scent of a candle or the style of a dress.  Start getting a good idea of what you do and don’t like.
  • Book in for a consultation with a hair stylist or two (without commitment) and get some advice and ideas about what you could do to freshen up your hair. (This is where Pinterest also comes in handy)
  • Start following my Facebook and Instagram for ideas and inspiration.  (One of the reasons I post photos of myself on Instagram is to show you how I use my clothes in lots of different ways, to give you ideas to do the same with your clothes)
  • Wander through the shops.  Perhaps pick three and go in just to look at what they sell, noticing what shapes and styles are in fashion (according to this store).  If you feel the urge, try some clothes on with the view to just sampling them.
  • Buy yourself a new lippy. (Or mascara, or foundation, etc)  Something a bit different to what you’re used to.

And if you feel like this is something you can’t do on your own. If you want support, encouragement and guidance (and perhaps even a gentle push).  If it seems too overwhelming to even make a start, begin by reading through my styling services to see if anything sounds like it might be what you need to get some help and advice.  And, again, if you get the urge email me to book in for a Wardrobe Overhaul or Personal Shopping or to simply arrange a time for us to have a chat. I promise, I will do everything I can to help you.

Take at least one baby step.  A move forward in a positive direction.

But what ever you do, don’t ever give up on yourself.  You deserve to look and feel the very best you can.

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