How To Wear The Classic White Shirt

31 Oct

One of the most versatile items of clothing you can have in your wardrobe is a classic white shirt.  Those of you who are not typically classic dressers will no doubt be screwing up your noses at this moment – but before you think I’m suggesting you own something bland and uninteresting, bear with me until I show you a few different ways a white shirt can be worn.

My personal favourite is from Ralph Lauren, but I also have one from Gant and another from French Connection.  I prefer it to be fitted and the cotton to be thick and crisp.  Having said that, I’m searching for a men’s white shirt that I can wear large and un-tucked (channeling Audrey Hepburn) with skinny cigarette pants and black ballet slippers.  I keep mine bright white with the occasional overnight soak in warm water and NapiSan and if I want some extra crispness for a meeting or interview, I’ll give it an iron using spray starch.

Sure, the white shirt can at times, be a little tricky to wear.  White certainly doesn’t compliment all complexions, the cotton can be a bit painful and time consuming to iron and the whiteness even harder to maintain – particularly for those with young children.

But what I love about the white shirt is how versatile it is.  I love that one item of clothing can be worn in so many ways and look different each time.  You need to be creative and come up with lots of ways to wear it – with a pencil skirt, the neck open as low as you can go and a lovely lacy cami or bra peeking out the top; with a pair of denim cut off jeans, a straw hat and a French market basket or with a pair of black pants and a large brightly colored bib necklace.   Your challenge is to wear it in new and interesting ways each time you take it out of the wardrobe.


I wear mine with my black pants suit, with jeans and a navy blazer, with a vintage brocade skirt,  under my v-neck sweaters, with my black skinny tube pencil skirt and with my blue sailor pants.

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