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4 Jan

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Belts are not just designed for keeping your strides from falling down.  Although they certainly do also have that purpose,  (particularly if you’re five and you’re wearing your big brothers hand-me-downs), belts are so much more than a practical item to have in your wardrobe.

A belt can pull the whole look together. It can help smooth out the bumps where a shirt has been tucked in, accentuate or for that matter visually create a waist and even make your bum look smaller.  So I’m often surprised when I’m helping someone sort through their clothes and put outfits together when I ask, “Where are your belts?” that I am often faced with a blank expression in reply.  It seems to be that it’s an accessory many of us are not bothering with.

I know shopping for belts can be tricky.   Like everything, not all styles will suit everyone and every body shape.  There is a bit to consider when you’re searching.  Will it make your torso look short?  Your bust big?  Is it going to be comfortable? Where’s the right place for it to sit?  Should it blend in with my outfit or be a contrast and stand out?  You will need to experiment and try lots on,  just like anything when you’re searching for a “love it” item, to add to your wardrobe.

Search for belts in unexpected places.  Look in op-shops, (I picked up a great chocolate leather Country Road belt for $2 in a local St Vinnies) on Etsy,  in the men’s section or at markets. If you’re creative buy yourself some velvet ribbon from Lincraft and tie it around your waist – maybe pin on your Nana’s rhinestone brooch to really put your unique stamp on the look.

Don’t neglect the belt.  Next time you’re at the shops play around with different styles until you find something that works for you.  Don’t just think, I don’t know how to wear them, and give up.

TIP: Go through your wardrobe and see if you have any belts that came with a skirt, dress or pants that you could use with other things in your cupboard.  Don’t just assume because it accompanied a particular item that it has to be used with that piece and only that piece.

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image via here

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