How To Wear Black

16 Feb

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Black is incredibly chic.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As someone who has a lot of black in their wardrobe and wears it often, I’ve had plenty of people comment over the years that I wear too much black or that I’d look lovely in a bit of color and I’ve had a couple of clients tell me they hear the same thing from their family and friends.

My response is always, if you like black and you feel comfortable and confident wearing it – then go for it.

But be aware that wearing head to toe black can look a bit bland and boring, so you need to be conscious of trying to make it look interesting rather than flat and dull.

Having an interesting and stylish all black outfit can be achieved by..

  • Mixing different fabrics and textures. (ie Wool, silk, denim, suede, patent leather, etc)
  • Adding unique accessories.
  • Ensuring the clothes fit and flatter your body shape beautifully
  • Wearing nothing that is faded, stained or pilled.
  • Considering your makeup.  You might find you need to add a bit more color than usual to your cheeks and lips.

I adore color, but I always feel the most stylish when I’m wearing black. (You can see me wearing all black here)

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