How To Get Inspiration From The Streets

10 Mar

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If you check out my Pinterest boards you’ll see I have lots and lots of shots of women taken on the streets during the fashion shows in Paris, New York, London and Milan.  I’m sure for many of you, your first reaction will be – yes that’s all very nice, but she’s about 22, 6 foot tall and a size 6 and I’m 48, 5ft 2 and a size 14.   Am I right?

I want you to try and look past the fact that some of these women are very thin, very young, tall and wearing head-to-toe designer clothes.  I want you to use the images as inspiration and ask yourself whether some of these looks could work for you somehow?

I want to encourage you to look at some of these images with a different eye.  I want the creative part of your brain to look at a bag and wonder whether you have something similar hidden in the cupboard that you might be able to pull out and wear with your jeans, whether you could wear green and pink together like that, wear your jeans with a jacket that’s part of a suit you wore to a wedding ten years ago or wear your Nan’s vintage crystal necklace with a grey Bonds tee.  I want to gently persuade you to dare to be individual and unique – and I think that many of these images, if you think about them differently, can do that.

I want you to think outside the square a little bit and feel excited about wearing the clothes already hanging in your wardrobe in different ways.

BUT and it is a big but…you have to always keep in mind your own authentic style, before you try to emulate a look and more importantly you have to be really careful to not try and copy something that does not suit and flatter your shape.

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