How To Take Your Summer Wardrobe Into Autumn By Layering

20 Mar

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There’s never a better time than the start of autumn to learn about the art of layering.  Not only is it frugal and resourceful, saving you time and money, but it can also be very chic and stylish.

Here in Australia we’re still mastering the art of layering but in Europe and some parts of the US, they do it beautifully. Where some of us would pack our white jeans or fuchsia trousers away once the weather turns cool, they would simply add a camel jacket and suede ankle boots or a navy sweater and a trench.  The Europeans are not afraid to blend the months together. They use their spring and summer clothes as the base and then they layer pieces on top.

Although trans-seasonal dressing may seem complicated and tricky it’s not.  Aim to add items to your closet that have multiple uses.  Next time you shop think about it –   Will this skirt be ok with tights and my trench and then again with my sandals and a t-shirt? Will I be able to wear it year round? If I rolled these up and wore them with an open toe wedge, can I work these pants from autumn into my summer wardrobe?

There are many ways I could show you how to layer your clothes and take them from summer to autumn and beyond – here are just a few to get you thinking.

  • Wear your skinny cargo pants with a v-neck sweater, a fur gillet and suede ankle boots
  • Wear a cardigan with a belt around your waist over a floral sun dress. Add a pair of tights and an open toe sandal (NB: not a strappy stiletto)
  • Wear your colored jeans with a pair of casual trainers, add a long sleeve tee and throw a trench over your shoulders
  • Wear a leopard print cardie over your black work shift dress then add a pair of tights and your favourite pumps

So before you race out and buy new autumn clothes ask yourself whether you need to.  Is it possible that what you really need is just a few things that will compliment and work with your existing wardrobe – a couple of cardies, some scarves, and a jacket.

If you would like me to go through your wardrobe with you, decide what you need to add for autumn & winter, make a plan, write a shopping list and help you put together some autumn outfits using some of your summer clothes – email me here.  You might find you don’t need anywhere near as much as you thought.  You just might need some ideas as to how to wear what you already have, in new and different ways.

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Remember you don’t have to take these shots literally – just use them for inspiration as I explained here


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