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3 Apr

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Often when I’m at someone’s home helping them review and clean out their wardrobe, I’ll ask them to try a piece on and then show me how they would normally wear it. After they’ve shown me the first look, I’ll ask them to show me how else they wear it. And more often than not, I’ll get the response; I only wear it like this.  This is the way the lady in the shop showed me how to wear it.”

Of course, that’s absolutely fine but it could be that you’ve got some fabulous outfits hanging right there before you, that you haven’t yet recognised.

There are many reasons why people don’t attempt to style their clothes in new and different ways. They might be lacking in confidence or imagination, they could be bored with their clothes and can’t see any potential or they might just be a bit lost and stuck in a style rut.

To motivate and inspire you to wear your clothes differently and to demonstrate to you that you don’t really need as many things in your wardrobe as you might think you do, I want to challenge you to challenge yourself and pick an item of clothing from your wardrobe then come up with five different ways (preferably ways you’ve never considered) to wear it.


To keep you on track, I’m leading the challenge.  I’ve picked this (above) striped long sleeve tee from Country Road. (Buy it here) From today I’m going to show you five ways you can wear it.  This is the first days outfit..


This first look is about being comfortable & feeling casual. I’d wear this outfit if I was working from home or racing around the shops. The leather jacket was custom made in Bali, the pink scarf is so old I can’t remember where it’s from, the suede wedge shoes are from New Look, the tapered leg, draw string sweat pants are from Country Road (2 seasons ago) and the leather satchel is from Tuscany 

Some of us have a natural knack for looking at something and knowing how to make it work.  You might be someone who can look at an old run down house and know instantly how you would transform it, but others struggle to see the possibilities.  I understand that.  (Remember the stories about me and cooking?)  I can’t see the potential in a frozen chicken like talented others can.  We’re all good at different things.  That’s why I love my family & friends feeding me and I thoroughly enjoy helping them shop and dress. You might be a great artist, teacher or athlete.  I’m good at shopping and putting outfits together.  So remember if you need help injecting new life into your wardrobe and discovering new ways to wear what you own, don’t hesitate to contact me here and we can chat about how I might be able to best help you.

In the meantime…keep a look out tomorrow morning for Day 2 of the challenge.   I will post the outfit updates on my blog here and on my Facebook page here



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