Do You Know How To Accentuate Your Best Features?

15 May

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Lisa Wilkinson knows what looks good on her.

At 52 she looks fit, healthy, strong and stylish.  While her style might not necessarily be mine (or yours) what I love is that she knows how to dress to accentuate her best features.

All of us have something lovely about us – despite our age, size or shape.

Beautiful hands, amazing skin, great hair, a tiny waist, slender ankles, a good bum or as in Lisa’s case – toned shoulders.

It’s up to us to figure out our best features and then play them up.

Lisa knows she has good shoulders, so she wears clothes that draw attention to them.  (Barbra Streisand is another celebrity who often wears styles to bring attention to her shoulders as you can see here)   That’s what clever, stylish dressing is all about.

Too often we just look for faults. We search for them every time we look in the mirror.  We look to see how many more wrinkles we have, we look at our bellies, we look at big busts, our upper arms or our thighs that aren’t like they used to be.  We focus only on the negatives.

What about, just for a change, next time you look in the mirror and when you’re just about to search for a new grey hair, you ask yourself..

What do I like about myself?

What’s lovely and unique about me?

What am I neglecting to show off as best I could?

When I’m working with someone for the first time, I’ll have them fill out a questionnaire so I can get some insight into them before we meet.  I’ll ask them lots of questions ranging from, How would you describe your current style?  How would you like your clothes to make you feel?  and What are the features you like the most?   Occasionally someone will say, “eyes” or “hair” but sadly, often women leave it blank.  Either they don’t like to brag about themselves or they simply can’t think of anything they like.

When I ask,  “What are the features you dislike?” – there is often a list as long as my arm.

So for those few hours that we spend together, shopping or trying on clothes from their wardrobe, my mission is to make sure that person can see themselves for what they really are. How lovely they are.   How clever and special and amazing they are – just as they are.  And then my intention is to make sure we, together, work out how to accentuate and show off their best features.  In doing so, playing down the bits they least like.

This is what Lisa does.  Nobody would know whether Lisa has a tummy or a bottom she’s trying to disguise because we’re instantly drawn to her great shoulders and arms and her beautiful face and smile.

What are your best features?  Have you spent time focusing on them and not just on the bits you don’t like so much.  Take some time to look at yourself differently in the mirror.  Pay attention to yourself.  Be nice and gentle, rather than harsh and critical.  Then go about learning how you can make the most of those great features.  Keep them hidden, no longer.

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