Are You Wasting Your Waist?

4 Jun

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the images from this Oscar de la Renta show, was the emphasis being put on the waist.

Practically every piece in the collection is designed to show off the beautiful female shape.  Nothing is shapeless or boxy.

Yep sure, these women modelling Oscar’s clothes are twenty something glamazons, but playing up the waist is not just for the tall, slim and young.  It’s for everyone.

Just last week I worked with a lady in her sixties who had been paying so much attention to her tummy and hiding it under tent like tops and dresses, that she didn’t even realise she had a waist.   When her husband returned home and we were still working through her wardrobe, she called out to him,

“Meaghan’s found my waist *Fred”    (*not his real name)

Some people don’t think they have waists…but I like to prove them wrong.   I’ll point out exactly where it is and then I’ll show them what styles they need to wear to accentuate their curves.

What I also noticed in Oscar’s resort collection was that the waist is being brought to our attention by the use of vintage inspired waist belts.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, belts are not just for holding up your trousers. Belts can show off or create a waist, completely jazz up and change the look of a piece of clothing and artistically pull an outfit together.  Like a piece of jewellery or a fabulous shoe, a belt is something you can use to demonstrate your unique personal style.


My best suggestion for searching for belts similar to those in these pictures is to rummage through op shops, vintage stores or search online at eBay (Australian & International) or Etsy.

While keeping your body shape in mind – not all belt styles will suit all shapes – start collecting in time for spring/summer.

Are you wasting your waist or have you worked out how to accentuate it?  If so, what’s your best tip for doing so?

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