How To Choose A Winter Coat

11 Jun

As much as I grumble about it and dislike the cold, grey aspect of winter, I do love the chance to rug up and wear some of my lovely warm coats.

I’ve been collecting them for years now.  I thought I’d show you a few.

The green cashmere and fur coat above was found in a charity shop in South Melbourne.  It’s vintage Christian Dior.  It needs a bit of love and attention before I can wear it.  The lining needs replacing and I want to have the arms and the back taken in.  The alterations, my tailor said, will cost me about $200, but given it only cost me $40 I think it’s worth it.

The green, black and white tweed is also vintage.  The label says it’s Made in France and I bought it over a decade ago from a little store in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade called Anonymous Posh.

I think you need at least one coat that you’ve saved for, that you’ll have for years and years to come.   Something classic, that will still be in style in 5 – 10 years time and that goes with 95 percent of your wardrobe. That’s my black Kors by Michael Kors coat below.  I picked this one up in the sales a couple of years ago from Bluefly.

And finally the camel hair and fur coat was discovered in a little vintage shop in Yarraville.  It’s in impeccable condition and incredibly warm.

Vintage coats are great for adding something interesting and unique to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.  I know that there’s not much chance of anyone having anything like it.  I do however – despite how cheap they might be – make sure they are clean and aren’t smelly or stained when I buy them.  *Always check the lining to see what condition it’s in.

A new coat on the other hand, can be quite an investment so you want to make sure you get it right.

Given that some of you will wear it every day during winter, you want something you put on and it makes you feel great – not just some old ill-fitting, bally thing that does the job.

It needs to flatter your body shape. (Unless of course you are embracing the over sized trend then the style will not necessarily be conventionally flattering – yet style stylish)

Match your style & personality.

Be comfortable and versatile.  There’s no point having one purple coat in the cupboard if it only goes with 10% of your wardrobe.

Think of a coat like a couch.  If you buy something in a neutral tone you can make it look different by changing your accessories.  Just like adding a few cushions and a rug to change the look of a couch, you can add some gloves, a scarf and a bag or boots, to make the coat look different each time you wear it.

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