Shapes Change

8 Sep


Chances are if it’s been some time since you last updated your wardrobe, that some of the things hanging on the racks, might be dated. Coats with big padded shoulders, boxy jackets with no shape, shirts with large pointy collars and jeans that are way too high waisted.

In my case, it was a couple of pairs of pants I’d bought when I was working at the bank several years ago.  I kept them because they were still in impeccable, hardly worn condition and the fabric was good, but despite the occasional try on, they hadn’t seen the light of day in years.  It was time to be ruthless and make a decision about them. Did I pass them on or did I reinvent them?

I did the latter.

One pair were part of a Country Road suit and the other a pair I’d bought while on holiday in Tokyo.

Both of these pants were now too wide in the leg,  too baggy at the knee and both just fell from the butt – no longer flattering and no longer current.  I wanted to modernise them so that they were similar to styles that are fashionable at the moment and so that I could wear them in a more casual way.  I wanted them to work with my lifestyle and also with other pieces in my wardrobe.   With knits, tees, my leather jackets, ankle boots, ballet flats and sandals.  As they were, they felt too corporate and officey.

So off I took them to my tailor to ask him whether he thought we could re-work them and turn them into slimmer fitting pants.  I showed him a couple of pictures to give him an idea of what I was thinking and he said he could do it.  He only took them in a small amount and it didn’t cost me a lot of money, but it made a big difference.

Shapes change.

Have a good look through your wardrobe and consider whether any of the pieces you have, have dated. Think about whether you can reinvent them with clever alterations or whether they simply need to be tossed.   Be honest with yourself. When did you buy those jeans?  Even if they’re “classic” Levis and still in great condition, if you bought them in the US in 1994,  chances are they’re making you look like Kath Day-Knight.  And none of us want that.

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