Your Clothes Need T.L.C. Too

30 Oct

This knit above as you can see, was in desperate need of maintenance.  It’s wool, so it will pill.  I was aware of that when I bought it.  It just means that every now and then I need to spend a bit of time on it.  Using a razor I give it a gentle shave – being careful not to cut the fabric.

From time to time give your clothes a once over and assess whether any items need some T.L.C.

  • Have the heels worn down on your shoes, exposing the metal tips and do they need replacing?
  • Is the hem on your pants, skirt or dress falling down and need fixing?
  • Does your knit need to be de-pilled?
  • Do you have any loose buttons that need sewing or loose threads that need cutting?  (Maybe even replace them like I did here)
  • Is it time your coat went to the drycleaners?
  • Are your shoes and handbag looking scruffy?  Do they need a clean and polish?
  • Could your jewellery do with a clean and sparkle?
  • Do you need a new watch band?
  • Could your white shirt be whiter?  Does it need an overnight soak in nappy wash or bleach?

My boots are due for another visit to the cobbler to have the heels replaced.  (As you can see in the picture I’ve already had Topy soles put on them to prolong their life)  When they get back from the shoe repairers I’ll give them a clean with either shoe polish or some Mr Sheen.

My tan leather bag gets quite grubby from rubbing against my dark denim jeans or getting thrown on the ground occasionally, so I give it a gentle clean with Dove soap.   (When I contacted the company where  I bought it from in Italy to ask them what they recommended I use to clean it they said, “facial cleanser” but I’m a little bit nervous about doing that).

Some things need maintaining otherwise they start to look manky.  Pilling, balling, scuffs, marks, general wear and tear can make a big difference to how stylish you look.  Spend a couple of minutes giving your outfit a once over to see whether anything needs attention.

Certainly some things just need to be booted out of the wardrobe when they start to show signs of wear, but sometimes things just need some love and care to reinvigorate and restore them to their former glory.

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