Refresh And Update Your Wardrobe With Dye

12 Nov

I recently bought a couple of pairs of white sneakers at Forges for $3.99 each. Bargain!   I’ve worn one pair a few times and they were starting to look a bit grotty – and besides I figured I didn’t really need two pairs of white sneakers.  One would suffice.  So this weekend I decided I’d dye a pair blue.

If you’ve never dyed anything before, it’s pretty easy, it’s just a bit messy.  Despite that though, I think it’s worth it if you have something in your wardrobe that you really like for whatever reason, but you can’t wear because it’s faded, it’s got a stain on it or the color doesn’t work for you.

On this particular occasion I used Rit, which I bought from Spotlight for about $7.

In the past I’ve also dyed, among other things, towels and even a white dressing gown that wasn’t looking so white anymore.   Next on my list is to dye some bed linen grey.

To get the result you’re after, you MUST follow the instructions precisely.  (I also got on the Rit website and read some of their dyeing tips before I started)

So now these….

Look like this..


Like I’ve said before, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to refresh and update your wardrobe – sometimes all that’s required is some imagination and creativity.

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