This Is How Great Underwear Looks

20 Feb

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I don’t need to use a lot of words in this post to express what I’m trying to show you – the photos say it all.

Oprah’s body language and the expression on her face tell us that she knows she looks good and she’s feeling it.

What I love about these shots of Oprah, is that they’re telling me she’s not thinking – “I’m too old to wear that”, “Nobody looks at me now anyway”, “I should be dressing more conservative at my age” or “I don’t have the figure for it anymore“.   The photos say to me I’m embracing my maturity and my beautiful womanly shape and I feel fabulous.

Not only do the photos demonstrate to us the impact wearing something that makes you feel great has, but they help us to see what the result is when you wear something that spectacularly flatters your shape  (the neckline, the length, the ruching across the tummy) and more importantly, what an impact great underwear can do to your overall look. (Oprah has supposedly said Spanx “changed my life”).

The photos of Oprah wearing the white skirt and pink top, are a different story.

Who would know she had such a lovely waistline in this outfit.

Her figure is hidden in too much fabric and volume.  Her clothes are making her look bigger than she is.

She’s incredible!

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