Breathe Life Into Something Old With Something New

28 May

I bought this jacket a few years ago while I was on holiday in Rome with my mum, aunt and uncle.  It’s not a fancy designer piece and it wasn’t super expensive but I still remember the day I bought it and it brings back special memories.   I won’t keep it forever, it’s not that much of a sentimental piece, but at the same time I’m not quite ready to part with it just yet.

Recently I pulled it out to wear and it felt a little tired.  I gave it a good clean and played around with it a bit – buttoned the neck a different way, rolled up the sleeves – to see what I could do with it to breathe some life into it.  What I found did the trick was adding  a different belt around the waist.  I realised the old belt, the fabric buckle in particular, was what was dragging down the jacket and making it look stale and worn out.  My Trenery waist belt (purchased on sale for $19) was all it needed to give it a new look and the boost it needed.

Go through your wardrobe and see what’s in there that can be rejuvenated by running it in, taking it out, taking it up, adding new buttons,  beads, brooches, belts or even some dye.

Be resourceful.  Don’t just dismiss something and toss it out before you really analyse it and look at it with a creative eye.

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