Could This Be Why You’re Bored With Your Clothes?

10 Jul

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Bored with the clothes hanging in your wardrobe?

Could it be possible that it’s because you wear the same thing, the same way, every time?

You wear the same black pants, with the same black shoes and the same black jacket and carry the same black bag.


Mix things up.  Experiment with your clothes and wear them in new and different ways.  (As in this photo above, where a dress is being worn over a dress)  It won’t always work.   Sometimes it might feel silly. Sometimes you might even leave the house and feel all wrong, all day.  But that’s ok.   At least you gave it a try and had some fun with your clothes.  If it did’t feel quite right and you didn’t feel confident, you just don’t wear that outfit like that again.  You try something else.

Keep in mind that “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”

And Remember when you see photos like this don’t just think, I don’t wear those colors, I’m not that tall, that young, that thin…or I don’t have the budget to buy these types of clothes.  Look at the image with a creative eye.  Get inspiration from it.  Rather than think I don’t have the legs to wear a dress that short, instead think, maybe I could layer two of my dresses (dresses that flatter and complement my style, lifestyle, budget and body shape)  OR I could wear two chunky necklaces rather than just one OR I could carry my little bag like that rather than wear it across my body all the time.

Read more about getting inspiration from images (and people you see in the street) here


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