25 Jul

Because of my size, shape and proportions much of what I buy has to be altered.  I could just buy something that sort of fits and think, that’ll have to do, but ill-fitting clothes do not look stylish.  And ill-fitting clothes can make you think that your body shape is different to what it really is.  If you have not had anything altered to fit you perfectly, you will be amazed what taking up, down, in, or out, a centimeter here or there, will do for the overall appearance of your look.

A sleeve that is the wrong width for your arm can make you look like you have no waist,  a dress or skirt hem the wrong length can make your legs look shapeless and pockets can make your bottom and thighs look bigger than they really are.  And we don’t want that do we!

For example, I bought this top pictured above recently from Country Road.  Despite putting in some good searching time, I had not found a peplum style top that sat in the right place at the waist, until I came across this one.  I loved how it fit me….everywhere but the length.  Because it was not sitting at exactly the right place on my hips it was making my torso look longer than it is and my legs look shorter than they are.   But I knew when I bought it that having it taken up to where the most flattering length was, would be easy, so I factored in the cost of having it altered by my tailor.

If you try something on from your wardrobe and it doesn’t feel quite right consider whether it has anything to do with the fit. Look over it from top to bottom.  Do the shoulders fit right..the arm holes, the sleeves, the waist, the back, the length, etc.

Pay attention to the details.  Trust me, when something fits you just right, it will make an enormous difference to how stylish you look and therefore, how great you feel.

If you have some things in your wardrobe that you’re really not sure about the fit, keep in mind I can help you determine whether it’s just right or not quite right. (& explain to you why) This is something that we cover in the Wardrobe Overhaul

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