10 Sep

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Do you put as much thought and effort into decorating your outfits as you do decorating your home?

If you love your home chances are it’s because you’ve surrounded yourself in beautiful, handpicked pieces that are special to you and that reflect your taste.  (Art, cushions, vases, rugs, lamps, frames, etc, etc)

Treat your wardrobe like you do your home.  Decorate your clothes, as you would your furniture.

Gather together great accessories that reflect your individual personality and then wear them – don’t just collect them.

These are some of my belts.  I’ve had a few for decades, a couple I made, several I picked up in op-shops, a couple are vintage and one or two were discovered while I was travelling.  The one thing in common is that all of them are flattering to my shape and all of them are my style.

The key is to make sure the accessories you own and wear are your style – not someone else’s.

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