What’s Hiding In Your Wardrobe That Could Be Reinvented?

5 Nov

Reinvented skirt

When I’m doing a wardrobe overhaul at a clients home, I don’t just look at their clothes thinking what needs pitching out – I’m also searching to see what can be reworked and reinvented.

In the case of Jenny, she had lots of nice clothes hanging in her wardrobe, but some things for whatever reason, just weren’t working for her.

I was thrilled to receive this email from her this morning, along with the before and after pics above.

Hi Meaghan,

Just thought I’d share my before and after photos of a recently altered skirt.

When you came to meet with me this was one skirt that I couldn’t part with as I loved the fabric and my husband loved it on me.

Unfortunately it just did nothing for my figure. So it has sat in my wardrobe for the past few months just daring me to do something with it.

What do you think?


The skirt was lovely before it was altered but something just didn’t feel quite right when Jenny put it on to wear it.  It needed her creative eye and clever sewing skills to give it a new life and feel more like her.

I think she did a brilliant job.  (A tailor could do something similar for you if you’re not a sewer)

Always keep in mind that, as Jenny did and like I did here, sometimes you can update your wardrobe without buying anything new.

What’s hiding in your wardrobe that could be reinvented?

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