It’s Time To Go..

11 Nov

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Don’t ruin an otherwise stylish outfit with a daggy, dated, tatty, unflattering shaped, cheap and nasty belt.

Belts, as I’ve written about here before, are often a forgotten piece – just thrown on to keep up your pants.

If this sounds familiar start thinking about belts differently. Think about them in the same way you would a great pair of shoes or a beautiful bag. ¬†Rather than spend your money on a fancy top that goes with one (or none) other thing in your wardrobe and you wear once a year (if that), invest in a good quality belt that you can wear with lot of things in your wardrobe, and that you’ll have for years to come.

It’s the details in outfits that matter and make the difference.

FYI – this doesn’t mean that a belt you’ve had for decades or found in a vintage store or op-shop has to go. It just means anything ugly should be discarded – quick smart!

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