How To Return Whites To White

30 Dec

If you’ve ever given the inside of your home a fresh coat of paint, you’ll know the difference it makes.  Everything feels clean and new again.

The same thing applies to your clothes.  When you spend some time maintaining shoes, bags and garments, you breath renewed life into them.

Over the weekend I soaked white tees and shirts.

All I do is place the items in some Sard Wonder Oxy Plus (sometimes bleach) and cold or hot water (depending on the fabric)  in a bucket and leave overnight.  Then in the morning I’ll throw them in the washing machine and run them through a wash cycle.  When they come out they’re bright white.

Taking care of your clothes is important.  Maintaining bally knits or yellow stained under arms requires time we’d all rather be spending on more glamourous things (like shopping).  But really there’s no point buying a new pair of fabulous shoes, if you’re going to wear them with a pair of scruffy pants with a fallen hem.

*Always check the washing instructions on each garment and the instructions for using the detergents before you do.

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