Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

11 Jan

Wardrobe overhaulimage via here


This weekend why don’t you take out 2 – 5 pieces from your wardrobe that you really like, but never wear because you don’t know how to. You know the things that just sit there unworn waiting for you to choose them – but you never do.

PullĀ them out, throw them on your bed and challenge yourself to come up with at least five ways to wear them.

If you simply can’t, then you need to decide..

  1. Do I buy something else to go with it so I can wear it.
  2. Do I ask someone to help me come up with a way to wear it, or
  3. Do I send it on it’s way?

Hopefully you’ll feel inspired and keep working through the rest of your wardrobe.

Be ruthless..

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