Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

18 Jan

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Along with knowing what styles suit you, make sure that you’re aware of what shoe’s are current and fashionable.

Shoes have such an influence on an outfit, you don’t want to ruin your look with a daggy shoe.

This weekend challenge yourself to spend 10 minutes or an hour (depending on the size of your shoe collection) going through all of your shoes – one-by-one.

Ask yourself..

  • Is the toe and the heel of this shoe still fashionable or is it out-dated?
  • Does this shoe look overly sensible and practical (as pictured above), therefore aging my look?
  • Is this shoe too young or too old for me?
  • Is this shoe flattering on my leg?
  • Does this shoe look clean, fresh and new or does it look like I’ve been out working on the farm in them?  (Consider whether they might need a bath.  Particularly if they’re sneakers or trainers)
  • Does this shoe still represent the direction I want my style and image to move in?
  • Are these shoes too big, small, high or uncomfortable for me to walk elegantly in them?

While you’re at it have a think about what gaps you might have in your shoe wardrobe.  What’s missing to pull outfits together?   What could you add to give some of the clothes in your wardrobe new life?  Make a list.

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