Time For A Hair Change?

7 Mar

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Well sadly the 2014 a/w Fashion Week’s are over.  No more fantasising that I’m in New York, Paris, London or Milan..til next time.

I’ve spent hours pouring over the images of the shows, watching online video streams of the parades and scrupulously checking out photos of what those who attended the shows have been wearing.  This is where I get most of my styling inspiration from.

I take note of what shoes show-goers are wearing, how and what coats they’re sporting,  what lengths they’re embracing in skirts and pants, how they’re clashing their patterns, layering their jewellery and what shades they’re wearing on their lips.

But the one image that jumped out at me,  among the hundreds I’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, is this one (above & below) of Clemence Poesy.

image via here

I’m contemplating a hair change.  I’ve had the same style for a while now and I think I’m ready for something fresh and new.

I’d get my hair cut into this style in a flash if I was confident I could achieve Clemence’s disheveled,  just-out-of-bed yet stylish, relaxed, tousled look.

My concern is that for some reason when it’s at chin or shoulder length, my hair has a tendency to flip and I’m nervous it might end up looking like this.

image via here

Rather than look like a cool French girl I might look like a 1960’s Stepford Wife.

Hmm…  Something to ponder over the weekend and then perhaps discuss with my hairstylist next week to get her thoughts. What do you think?

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