Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

13 Mar

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Bored with your clothes? Tempted to go out and buy something “fancy” to add to your wardrobe?

Before you do play around with what you have.

Pull one piece out of your wardrobe this weekend and come up with at least 5 ways to wear it.

Roll sleeves, layer, belt, mix different colors, decorate , modernise, wear a dressy piece in a casual way (as above) or alter.

Challenge yourself.

If you can’t come up with several ways to wear your chosen piece, you need to..

  • decide whether it has to go because it’s not working in your wardrobe or,
  • whether it stays and you make it work by adding new pieces

If the second option is the one you take, think about what it needs to be able to wear it 5 different ways.  Maybe it’s a pair of shoes, a cami to wear under it or a belt to wear around the waist.

Make a list.

Then when you go shopping rather than buy yet another “fancy” piece that goes with nothing in your wardrobe, buy the things on your list so you have more outfit options.

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