Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

28 Mar

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This weekend pull out all the “jobs around the house” clothes, throw them on the bed and go through them one by one.

You know.. the pieces you wear when you clean the shower, water the garden, paint the house, do the vacuuming, feed the animals, hang out the washing, etc, etc.

The clothes you once wore regularly, felt super comfy in, couldn’t part with so put them in the “I just wear that when I”….pile.

The clothes that have been demoted from the everyday wear section and saved for special jobs but tend to creep back into the everyday wardrobe because they’re so comfy.

The thing I want you to ask yourself is, how many of these “jobs around the house” clothes do I realistically need? Do I need 15 pairs of old tracky daks or three quarter length pants?  Do I need 10 holey, stained and faded t-shirts and windcheaters?

But most importantly……Are these clothes contributing to an over-stuffed wardrobe making it hard for me to see what I have and leading me to think I have nothing to wear?

I agree we all need a couple of pieces of comfy, don’t care if they get stained or torn,  cleaning around the house clothes.  But when you look at your wardrobe and the majority of it consists of more “housework clothes” than casual or work or going out clothes then you have a problem.

Be ruthless.

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