Are You Due For A Handbag Update?

24 Apr

Colored bags

If you’ve been carrying the same basic black handbag for years, think about mixing it up a bit.

You can see in these photos, the impact a great bag can add to an outfit.

It doesn’t need to be a fancy designer, latest “It” bag and it doesn’t need to match your shoes, as these ladies demonstrate beautifully.  (In fact matchy/matchy can be aging)  

Keep your bags looking clean, fresh and modern.  Just like shoes, bags can become outdated – particularly if they have lots of bells and whistles – studs, zips, chains, buckles, etc.

Could it be time to add something a bit different and unique to your bag collection?

*Or might it be that you have some fabulous bags that, for whatever reason, you’re not using?

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