How To Wear Your Collar

9 Jun

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I know, … it’s not exactly a sexy topic, yet it’s one we really shouldn’t ignore.

As I’ve mentioned previously, details matter.

In fact details can sometimes be the difference between whether an outfit looks shabby, just ok or great.

In this instance, the detail in question is, the collar.

Because the collar is so close to your face it appears right in the eye line of others.

Frayed collar

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So it’s hard to miss a collar that is dated, stained, crumpled, frayed or *flying.

If you have one that sits in any of the above categories, I’d encourage you to remove it from your wardrobe and send it on it’s way.  ASAP.

*If you often wear a blazer/suit jacket with a shirt, tuck those collars in.

Like this..

Collar tucked in

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Not like this..

Flying collars

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It’s ok if they pop out a bit but don’t purposely spread them like wings. (Like Miranda has done above)  More than likely, they’ll make your outfit look out-dated.

Keep your look modern and fresh. Flying collars can appear a bit 90’s.  (Unless of course that’s the look you’re going for)

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