Stuck In A Style Rut? Try Something New

12 Jun

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When was the last time you tried something new?   A new lipstick, a new hairstyle, new reading glasses or a new style of jeans.

They might not work, but that’s fine. You’ll know then, that they’re not for you. But at least you tried.  Be prepared to experiment and make mistakes with your style.  Have some fun.

It’s when we do the same thing all the time, that we find ourselves in a style rut.

It’s ok if you never…

  • wear belts
  • paint your nails
  • color your hair
  • wear makeup
  • carry a handbag
  • wear color
  • wear heels
  • wear pants
  • etc

You should do whatever makes you feel great. BUT…if you don’t feel great in your clothes, then maybe it’s time to start challenging some of those “never’s“.

Even Victoria Beckham, who once mostly wore black,  has freshened up her look and started wearing a bit of color.


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