How To Wear White Jeans In Winter

19 Jun

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If you’ve got a pair of white jeans sitting in your wardrobe, that you only ever wear in summer, pull them out and see if you can make them work for you this winter.

Sometimes when we feel bored with our clothes or like we have nothing to wear (despite a wardrobe full of clothes), it’s because we’re not using what we have in different ways.  We have this idea in our head that, that top only goes with that skirt or that dress is only for weddings or christenings or those pants can only be worn with those shoes.

Try and expand that thinking a little bit.  Maybe the lovely silky shirt you bought when it was hot could be worn under a sweater now that it’s cooled down. Perhaps you could layer pieces over that strappy little dress you love but hardly wear, with tights, a jumper, a jacket and boots.  And maybe those white jeans can be worn in winter with knits, coats, boots, pumps, loafers or sneakers.

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Contrary to popular belief, white jeans can be worn by all of us. (Here’s my 75 year old Mum wearing her white jeans)  Like all jeans, it’s just a matter of finding  a pair that work for your shape and getting a pair that have the right fabric and the right fit. (ie not too thin or too tight)

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