There Are More Things To Wear To Work Than Black Pants

11 Jul

I came across this image recently and thought it was fabulous.

The guy is the Chairman and CEO of G.E. and the woman, Clara Gaymard, is the head of G.E. France. They’re off to meet with French President, Francois Hollande, to discuss G.E.’s $13 billion bid to buy a French energy unit. Fairly serious meeting I’d imagine. …and look at what she’s wearing. A leather motorcycle jacket.

Clara is also an author, a mother of 9 and has been listed by Fortune magazine,  as being one of the fifty most powerful women in business, in the world.

After working at a Collins Street stockbroker and investment bank for more than 20 years I know exactly what corporate style is here in Melbourne.   To be honest I think it’s often a little safe and sometimes bland.  I know there are policies and restrictions (and so there should be) but there should still be room for individuality.

Certainly a leather motorcycle jacket might be pushing it a little far in some environments, but corporate/office style can be so much more than a pair of black pants and a top.

What do you think of the leather jacket worn to a business meeting? Appropriate or not? Do we need to wear corporate attire to perform our jobs well and be percieved as being professional?

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