Navy and Green

11 Sep

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When I was growing up wearing blue and green was not the done thing.  I still remember when I first started working at a stockbroking firm (in the mid eighties), wearing something combining the two colors and my boss politely suggesting, “Blue and green should not be seen”.  For years after that I avoided wearing the two together because I thought doing so was committing a fashion faux pas. But just like many of those old-fashioned style rules that notion is now dated.

I think blue and green look great together. What do you think?

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I thought I’d show you a couple of few ways I could wear some navy and green pieces, combined from my own wardrobe, but when I started doing it I realised I only owned one piece of green (I had no idea) – so I was a bit restricted, but despite that, I was still able to come up with a couple of outfits.

 J.Crew jeans, ASOS top, David Lawrence belt and Seed sandals

 J.Crew jeans, J.Crew blazer, Ralph Lauren shirt and Evado shoes

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