Are You Settling For Near Enough?

25 Sep

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Recently I showed you a before and after picture of how tucking something in can dramatically change a look, now I’m demonstrating what a difference a flattering pair of jeans can make.

If it’s been a while since you updated your denim there’s a chance you might be wearing a pair that have stretched, lost their shape, become too small or too big, faded, or are a bit out-dated.

Whether you’re 16 or 60 you deserve to be wearing a great pair of jeans – not just a that’ll have to do pair.  A pair you wear because you can’t find anything better.  A pair you wear because you hate shopping.  A pair you wear because you think it’s impossible to find something that will look any good on you.

Whether you buy your jeans from Target or Net-a-porter learn what to look for when shopping for a pair of jeans.

Use this picture above as inspiration. When you next put your old jeans on, think about whether they look similar to those on the left or the one’s on the right.  Decide which pair you want to be wearing, then challenge yourself to find them.

Are you settling for near enough?  In 2017 make it a goal to find a great pair of jeans.

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Here’s a few tips to help you find those great jeans

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