You Don’t Have To Be Trendy To Be Current And Fashionable

27 Nov

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You don’t need to buy into trends.

Generally if I buy anything that’s “on trend” it’s not something I’ll spend a lot of money on. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a pair of patterned pants I bought recently for $69 at Zara. (If you missed it you can see them here) When I shop and spend a bit of money, it’s on things I want to still have and wear in my wardrobe in 5, 8, 10 years. (Like this jacket I’ve had since the 90’s)

While you don’t need to follow trends what I encourage you to do, if you want to keep your look current, is be aware of changes in proportions. Are pants still wide in the leg or are they getting skinnier? Are waist bands sitting low or high on the waist? Are sleeves narrow or wide?

Having said that, I know it’s not all that easy and can be confusing and frustrating. You might have a pair of wide leg pants you used to wear to work 8 years ago and you’ve noticed that wide leg pants are in the stores again. Does this mean that your wide legs pants are fashionable again? More often than not, no! Wide leg pants might be current again, but they may be skinnier or wider through the thigh or higher in the waist. Things will come around again, but shapes change.

How do you stay up to date with what styles and proportions are current?

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