How To Stop Your Clothes Sticking To You

11 Feb

Are you familiar with anti-static spray? (Sometimes I presume that everyone knows about things like this and then I am reminded by someone that that’s not the case)

Things like this and various laundry products can make a difference to how your clothes look and feel, so they’re worth trying.

If you’re finding some of your clothes are sticking to you when you wear them as a result of a buildup of static electricity- you might particularly notice it if you wear hosiery for work or after you remove a garment from a plastic dry cleaning bag – you just give them a spray (inside out) and it eliminates the problem.

I mostly use it on my black silk blouses and shirts and some of my knits.

TIP:  When I worked at the bank I always kept a bottle in my desk drawer – along with some clear nail polish in case I got a run in my pantihose.

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