Taking Care Of Your Wardrobe

18 Feb


Simply buying new clothes and accessories is not enough to look stylish…..if that’s important to you.

It doesn’t end there.

When you start slowly adding new pieces over time, (particularly if you’re at the rebuilding a new wardrobe stage) the next step is to take care of them so that they always look fresh and new and so that they’ll last.

Often a client will say to me, “I don’t buy from so & so anymore because their clothes don’t last”.  They might then go on to tell me after I’ve inquired how they washed the garment, that they threw it in the washing machine with the towels (When the label distinctly said it needed to be hand washed). Very little will survive that.

Clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarves,…. need to be taken care of.

They need to be washed properly, they need to be de-pilled, they need to be re-soled, polished, re-hemmed, conditioned, brushed, etc, etc.

When you’re about to purchase an item consider whether it’s something you can commit to looking after. If it’s something that needs dry cleaning or hand washing, will you do that? If it’s a pair of shoes that needs spraying or a Topy sole put on before you can wear them, will you do that?

Go that extra step…..maintenance, whether we like it or not, really is important to how our clothes look and how long they last.

For many people the care of clothes and shoes was something they didn’t grow up learning about, but it’s certainly something that is worthwhile educating yourself about now….and I’m always happy to pass on what I know to help you. (My Dad cleaned and polished his shoes every single night so I was fortunate to have, taking care of things, ingrained in to me at a very early age.)

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