Why I Keep An Eye On The Collections Overseas

5 Jun

One of the aspects of my job that I love, is looking at the collections overseas.   I could get lost online for hours and hours watching videos of the shows, trawling through images and marveling at how talented and creative some of the designers are.

Much of what I see is not realistically what I or my clients would wear, but nevertheless I gain a lot of inspiration from them and use them as a way of keeping up with trends.

When I’m studying the images I’m looking beyond the fact that the clothes featured might cost as much as my yearly income or that the models may be 6ft tall and nineteen years old. Some of what I’m focusing on is:

  • the lengths and shapes of skirts, dresses and pants
  • the style and color of shoes the models are wearing – most importantly the shape of the toe
  • the width and length of sleeves
  • how they’ve accessoried the look (the decoration part of the outfit) 
  • color combinations they’ve put together
  • how they’ve clashed patterns
  • the way they’ve layered pieces
  • the way they’ve mixed different shapes and styles together
  • the style of handbags they’re carrying
  • how they’ve belted a trench, twisted a scarf or rolled a sleeve
  • the way they’ve chosen to showcase the clothes with make-up/hair/nail-polish

While I see lots of shows that I love, I don’t often feel compelled to share them, but in the case of this one, I thought it was so beautiful, that I really should.

These are a few of my favourite looks from the Gucci Resort 2016 Collection

Sublime, don’t you think!  It’s the slightly vintage feel (You know I love old things), the unexpected matching (or non-matching) of the shoes, combined with the magnificent use of color, that makes me love it so much.  I feel inspired to race out and search for beautiful colored and textured pieces to add to my wardrobe.   ..maybe even a cat eye pair of glasses too!

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