Do You Wear A Uniform?

10 Jun

If you’ve seen the TV show, Shark Tank you’ll be familiar with Naomi Simson.

What you might have also noticed, if you’ve watched it a few times, is that Naomi only ever wears red.  It’s her unique signature look.

Wearing the same thing or a variation of it every day is just like wearing a uniform.

I tend to wear a bit of a uniform when life’s busy and I don’t have a lot of time to put much thought into outfit planning.

I”ll find myself often wearing slim jeans, a blazer and pumps.  It works for me because it’s simple and stress free. (I consciously made a decision to simplify and streamline my wardrobe when I changed careers) It makes me feel comfortable and confident and most importantly, like myself.

Some people like to have a wardrobe full of lots of color, pattern and various styles and wear something different each day according to how they feel or what they’re doing – others like to keep it as easy as possible and have a uniform.

I think the most important thing, if you decide to wear a uniform, is to not get bored with it and find yourself in a style rut.

For example, if jeans are your thing,  try different styles, if you like to only wear flat shoes make sure they’re fabulous and if you prefer to always wear black, ensure you wear lots of different fabrics, textures and shapes. …and of course, always remember to decorate.

Naomi might only wear red, but she never looks boring.
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Do you wear a uniform?
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