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22 Jun


If you wear knits, then you need something to de-pill and de-fluff them so that they continue to look fresh and new, rather than tired and old.

Pilling is the fibers breaking and forming little balls on the surface of the knit.   It tends to happen mostly where the fabric rubs together (ie under or down the sides of the arms) or where something you’ve worn has brushed against it (a jacket or bag), but can also happen in the wash.

There are various little contraptions that can be used (including a razor if you’re very, very careful) to remove the pills from your knits – these, pictured above,  are the ones that I use. From memory I bought both from discount stores for about $4 each, but you can find them at different places including supermarkets, haberdashery and hardware stores.

The idea is the comb lifts the pills from the garment and then the lint remover brushes them off.

*Of course the lint remover is also essential for removing fluff, dandruff, dust, hair, etc from your clothes.

**Keep in mind that moths are attracted to dirty clothes, so it’s always a good idea to remove anything that can get trapped in the fibers as best you can, to avoid them having a feast  in your wardrobe and destroying your favourite pieces.

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