Black, White And Grey

25 Jun

white, black and greyimage via here

You might recall a couple of weeks ago I talked about how to wear black and white.  Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to go through your wardrobe and consider what black and white pieces you own and have been able to come up with many different ways to wear them.

Now it’s time to add another color(shade) into the mix.


You might think you can’t wear grey, but don’t give up on it til you’ve tried several different shades. (For example a light grey might make you look a bit washed out, but a charcoal could be fine)  Or if you like it and feel you can’t (don’t want to) wear it near your face, consider a shoe, pair of jeans, skirt, bag or pants.

grey black and white

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grey, white and black

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black, white and greyimage via here

grey black and white

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black, white and grey

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