The Summer Alternative To Your Everyday Handbag

15 Dec

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Rather than lugging around your big leather everyday bag in summer, consider swapping occasionally to something more casual.


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I tend to do it on the weekends.  If I’m shopping or catching up with friends for lunch I’ll carry my French market basket or a small colorful straw clutch.  

Bags, just like shoes, have the power to make your outfit more casual or alternatively, more dressy.

Give it a try.

Maybe you have a little dress you wear to work (perhaps a shirt style) with a classic pump and your everyday (More than likely black) handbag.  Now try it with a pair of tan tan sandals or an espadrille and a straw basket or canvas tote. It feels and looks completely different. It means by changing your bag and shoes, you have a new outfit for a different occasion.  You can wear the dress somewhere other than just work






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