Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

1 Apr

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Old-fashioned suits, jackets, blazers and coats – that can’t be remodeled.

If they can be reinvented – Do it! – don’t leave them hanging in the wardrobe untouched for another decade.

Be ruthless. Don’t hang on to anything that doesn’t make you feel great.

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It was 1988 when Working Girl was released, so it’s fairly obvious that the fashion from then is now outdated (or in some cases, vintage)

Knowing whether something from the last decade has become out of style is not as easy – especially for people who don’t regularly follow fashion.

(*Remember, as I mentioned here, you do not need to follow trends and wear what’s ”in”  but you do want to stay relatively current otherwise your clothes can age you and make you feel frumpy and possibly look dowdy.)

If you find going through your wardrobe and deciding what stays and what goes, daunting and would like some help deciding which of your suits, jackets and coats (among other things) are still current or not, which ones can be remodeled and which ones to let go of,  you can contact me here.

If you’re on a roll and up for more wardrobe challenges you can find them here.

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