How To Not Look Like A Waiter Wearing Black And White

18 Apr

These images from a recent Vogue Paris really caught my eye.

While I enjoy wearing black and white (I talked about it back here, remember?) I had lost sight of just how striking the combination can be.

The photos also reminded me of a few things I’ve had on my shopping wishlist for a while – black Ray-Ban Wayfarers, a white lace top, a black bomber jacket and white sneakers – that I should start hunting down, because of the impact they’d each have on my wardrobe.

I know some of you are nervous about wearing black and white together for fear of looking like a waiter or a penguin, but I think if you take these photos for inspiration, that won’t happen.

Just like wearing all black, it’s about how you wear it.

Consider the texture of the fabrics, the shapes of the garments and the interesting and unique accompanying accessories. (The decoration)

It’s not just about wearing any old white top with black bottoms.

That’s just boring.

All images above from Vogue Paris.

Can you come up with some interesting outfit combinations using existing black and white pieces from your wardrobe? If not, what could you add to your wardrobe to give you more options?

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