How A Few Tweaks Can Change The Look Of One Piece

1 Aug

white shirtimage via here

Sometimes making a few tweaks, can make a big difference.

By slightly changing how you wear something, you can make one item of clothing work for difference occasions.

Take this shirt for example.

It could be worn with a pencil skirt for work or with a full length skirt to an event, but in this case it’s worn casually with a pair of chinos.  It’s been styled with the idea of a look in mind.   (Maybe “subtly sexy, smart casual”)

– the collar has been popped up (Framing the face)
– the hair’s been put up to highlight the popped collar and lengthen the neck
– the shirt’s been buttoned to expose skin (or a hint of lace bra or camisole)
– the sleeves have been folded so that the cuffs poke out the top (Exposing some skin, highlighting the waist and lengthening the legs)
– the shirt has been half tucked into the pants

Tomorrow when you get dressed, stand in front of your full length mirror and ask yourself if there’s anything you could do to give your outfit a different look.

Challenge yourself.

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