Spring Is In The Air…Are You Ready?

3 Aug

palm leaf pants

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Ok ladies, it’s time to start thinking about spring.  It’s only a month away. We need to start planning.

I know it’s still winter but I’ve had enough of this cold, dreary weather and I’m ready to start looking forward to sunny days, brighter colors, shedding some layers and exposing some skin (even if it is just my toes).

So last week, after getting excited by a hint of spring in the air, I started the prepare-for-spring process…

  • I had a big haircut
  • I bought a new red/orangey lipstick
  • I started upped the exercise routine
  • I did a review of my current wardrobe and had a good think about what I needed (ie essentials) and what I’d like to add to my wardrobe over the next six or so months.  I also let go of a couple of things that no longer worked or that I’d fallen out of love with.
  • I started putting together my “Spring/Summer Shopping Wishlist”

*I always have an ongoing wishlist.  I keep it in Pinterest.  Whenever I see something I like, I save an image of it to remind me.  When I’m going shopping for something new, I refer to my list.

My spring/summer wishlist is very long (and growing) but more than likely I won’t get through them all. There’s a good chance I might only add a few of these to my wardrobe. Sometimes I don’t find things on my list and they carry over to the next year.  (For example, last year I had a red handbag on my spring/summer list and it’s still there.  I haven’t yet found the right one yet.)  And sometimes I’ll try something I have on my list and decide it’s not for me.  (ie a pair of culottes)

So here’s my list so far..

Banana Leaf Print Pants (above) – I fell in love with these as soon as I spotted them.  I love this print.  (You can see here, I have the print (in wallpaper) saved in my Pinterest “Home” board and would love it somewhere on a wall at home.)  Sadly these ones by Dolce and Gabbana are well beyond my budget (ie $2,400) so I’m now keeping an eye out for a cheaper (knock off) version.  Yell out if you see a pair!  

Some khaki/olive/moss green – My wardrobe has quite a bit of black, grey and navy, I think it’s time to start introducing a new neutral color.  Or at least what I consider a neutral.  I know khaki pieces will slot right into my wardrobe and work with everything else.  ie my navy, black, grey, white, orange, red, leopard print, etc..  I ticked one thing off my list when I bought these khaki chinos last week.

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A Red Bag – As mentioned previously, this has been on my list since last year.  The reason I haven’t bought one yet is because I’m not clear on what style I’m looking for.

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White Jeans (Boyfriend, Girlfriend or straight cropped style) – To replace old ones that are a bit too tight, low waisted and skinny now.  (They about 5 years old)

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Pants in a different style/shape to what I have (Peg Leg or culottes) – I love the highwaisted peg leg style pants and I think they’ll work for my body shape, I just need to find the right pair. I also love these orange pants (I tried to find a pair of orange pants last spring/summer with no luck) and think if I can get the right length, this style could work for me also.

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A colored suit – I’m thinking red but it could be mustard or pale blue.  In case you’re wondering, Gwyneth’s wearing Gucci.

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A jumpsuit – I want something that I can wear casually with flat sandals, my espadrilles and dressed up with heels.

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Red slingbacks or pumps (Medium heel) Will work with just about everything in my wardrobe.  I love how they have such a big impact on the simplest of outfits.

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Jewellery – I rarely wear any jewelry and if I do it’s always the same.  (A watch, a ring that was my Nan’s and a gold chain necklace) I’ve decided I want to start wearing more – or at least experimenting.   I would love a gold signet ring, diamond stud earrings and a gold bangle, (All very classic according to my style) but I’m also going to start playing around with some cheaper costume jewelry.  (I’ll be keeping an eye out in vintage stores and op-shops like this place)  I bought some peasant style tops in the sales earlier this year and I want to dress them up with some jewels – particularly statement earrings.

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Gold shoes – Always shoes….  I’ve written about metallic shoes here. They work with everything.  I don’t have a pair and I think, particularly since I’ve started wearing more color, that my wardrobe could benefit from them. I’m still undecided what style I’m after.  Will work with the colored suit and this favourite old fuchsia one I have.

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Tan Sandals – To replace a pair that died last year and had to be thrown out.

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Sunglasses (Ray Ban Wayfarers) – I’m not very adventurous with my sunglasses.  I’ve had the same Ray Ban Aviators for several years now, I’d like to add a new pair.  (Sunglasses are tricky for me because I have such a little face.  All the fabulous big seventies style glasses I love, are too big for me.)

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A midi-dress – A style I could take on holidays to wear with flat sandals or espadrilles and also be able to wear with my boots.

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Something sparkly – Not really sure how this looks yet.  (Adore this color below) I’ll be keeping an eye on ASOS for this one.

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Wide leg cropped jeans – In the same way that I want to experiment with different pants styles, I want to sample some new jeans.  I certainly still wear my skinny jeans and will continue to do so, but I want to try some new styles.  (If you follow my Instagram you would have seen me wearing several styles of jeans including Girlfriend jeans, Boyfriend jeans, highwaisted cropped jeans, etc.)

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Some of these things will be investment pieces (ie things I know I’ll have and wear for years) and others will be things I won’t spend a lot of money on. (For example, a pair of banana leaf print pants)

Everything on my list will work with what I already have.  They’ll complement what I have, create new outfits and give new life to some of my old pieces.

*These photos (which I came across on Pinterest) have all given me inspiration in one way or another.   I’m not put off by the fact that some of the models are younger, taller, slimmer, curvier, older, etc, than I am.  I see past all that.  I just see ideas.

**Yes there’s lots of pants on my list, but that’s because I love to wear pants (as opposed to skirts and dresses) I feel so much more confident and basically my self when I wear pants.  So because of this I need to have variety in my wardrobe in order for me not to get bored.  (eg. 5 pairs of skinny blue jeans)

Now it’s your turn.  Go through your wardrobe, give it a bit of an edit, and with pen and paper in hand, put together a list consisting of any missing essentials (gaps) and things you’d like to add or at least sample over the next few months.

If you’d like my help,  book in for a Wardrobe Review and/or Personal Shopping here (If you’re not sure what option would be best for you, shoot me through an email and I can help you decide)

*Keep in mind appointments during spring do book up quite quickly because of the Spring Racing Carnival. Secure your appointment early so you don’t miss out.

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