Do Your Classics Need An Update…..Or A Revamp?

7 Feb

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Not everyone will have classic pieces in their wardrobe – and that’s ok.   Not all of us like to dress classically.  Think of Lee Lin Chin.   Having an artsy, avant-garde style, she’d probably feel bored and uncomfortable in a classic white shirt.

But for those of you who do have classic style, (ie traditional, tailored, clean, simple)  with a wardrobe of pieces to complement it, the thing to keep in mind is that while classic clothes are often described as being timeless – realistically they are not.

Classic clothes date like everything else.

Here’s your homework…

Pull out all of your classic pieces and throw them on the bed.   They might be…

Classic blue jeans

Classic white shirt

Classic navy blazer

Classic black pants

Classic grey pencil skirt

Classic beige trench coat

Classic blue sweater

Classic tailored dress

Classic black pump

Now, one by one, try them on and assess whether they are still current.

Give away’s will be, the size and width of the shoulder, where they sit on your torso (ie low or high waisted), the size of the collar and/or lapel, the width of the sleeve, where the pants finish on your leg, the width of the leg, the shape of the skirt, the length of the armhole and the shape of the toe of your shoe.

*If you have a suit you bought in 1992 from Armani or Anthea Crawford, despite it being beautiful fabric and quite possibly still in impeccable condition,  it’s more than likely out-dated.  Before you decide to toss it consider whether it can be reinvented by a tailor.  Don’t however, keep hanging on to it, wearing it, just because it cost you a lot of money 20 years ago.  Revamp or let it go!

While you certainly don’t have to wear clothes that are trendy, you do not want to wear clothes that are outdated.  Tired and outdated is aging.  Modern and current is youthful.

If you’re unsure and having difficulty determining what has and hasn’t dated in your wardrobe, consider booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul and I will help you.

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